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A black bedroom ; if you're reading this, you might be offended. It is a color that is experienced as intense and gray. However, if you approach this correctly, a black bedroom can give a very warm, stylish and mysterious atmosphere! But how do you approach this and how do you ensure that it does not become a gray room? You can read it in this blog!

The color black represents strength, elegance and authority

Black is on the one hand associated with fear, darkness, inaccessibility and evil. On the other hand, it is associated with strength, elegance and authority. It is therefore a color with multiple meanings, which can be interpreted in different ways. By applying the color in the right way you create an elegant and stylish black bedroom !
black bedroom

Hotel Chic vibe

Create a hotel chic vibe in your bedroom and the space will immediately radiate luxury. Think about what you want and can make black in your bedroom. We have listed a number of options.

black furniture

It is the interior trend of today: black furniture. It quickly gives an industrial and chic look. For you black bedroom black furniture such as a bed, wardrobe or bedside tables are very suitable.

Black accessories

In addition to black furniture, black accessories are very nice for you black bedroom . After all, it's in the details! Think of black accessories such as candle holders, an industrial mirror with a black rim, a tray or candle tray, cushions and a night lamp. You can not think of it so crazy, almost everything that is black is suitable for you black bedroom !

In addition to black decorations, there are other ways to create atmosphere in your bedroom. How to do that you can read in this blog !
black bedroom

black wall

A black wall gives your bedroom a hotel chic look. If you don't want to paint all the walls, then the wall behind your bed is best to paint black. This way the walls don't all come at you when you go to sleep, and the room still retains the luxurious look. It is also nice to hang a wall decoration that is not black on your black wall. You can read inspiration for wall decoration for your bedroom here .
black bedroom

black posters

Once the wall is black, it is quite difficult to change it. If you think this is too big a step for you black bedroom , black posters are also a good option! For example, hang this black and white French Windowsill poster along with this one Fashion Girl poster framed in large format in your bedroom for an attractive and warm effect.

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Alternate the colors

So there are plenty of choices for creating your black bedroom . Just make sure you alternate with the color so as not to make it too gray. For example, it is nice to paint a wall black and put a black box spring in front of it, in combination with a light color duvet cover and pillows. This combination gives a very attractive look!
black bedroom

Decorate a black bedroom!

So there is plenty of choice in the walls, furniture, accessories and wall decoration that you can all make black. The variation between black elements and light colored elements creates a warm and pleasant atmosphere. Click quickly here to choose your favorite black posters and hang them on the wall for you black bedroom !