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In this blog we discuss 5 tips to efficiently organize your laundry room so that everything is no longer lying around in your home. In addition, we also give a number of tips to make this space a nice and cozy environment. Read on quick!

Tip 1: Organize your space smartly

Whether you have a large laundry room in a room or a small laundry room tucked away in a corner. It is important to organize these well so that you make efficient use of the space. Think especially of furniture with a lot of storage space. Provide a piece of furniture where you can easily fold your laundry, a laundry basket where the dirty and clean laundry can be put. And create a space where the iron can easily be out of sight. A cupboard where all detergents are hidden also makes the room look tidy.
Set up laundry room

Tip 2: Set up a laundry room with enough storage space

We've already discussed that you need the right furniture for storage, but in that furniture different containers and drawers are useful for sorting everything. Think, for example, of furnishing the laundry room with foldable baskets from Ikea, so you can easily dispose of everything.
Set up laundry room

Tip 3: Is your washing machine level?

By leveling your washing machine and dryer, you will prevent a lot of noise pollution. The unstable surface can cause it to vibrate. You can prevent this if the washing machine is level!
Set up laundry room

Tip 4: Let your laundry dry

Keep in mind in advance that you need the space to dry your laundry. Perhaps a laundry rack for the door is an ideal solution for you if you have limited space. If you have a lot of space, make sure you have a large laundry rack where everything can be hung at the same time.
Set up laundry room

Tip 5: Decorate the laundry room with accessories

Finally, the appearance of your laundry room is also important because you spend quite a bit of time in this room yourself. Enhance the look of your laundry room with wicker baskets, rattan lamps and white furniture. Or if you prefer a dark style, use black furniture and wicker and rattan accessories. In addition to storage accessories, wall decoration is also a nice addition to your laundry room. For example, view our typography collection with recognizable quotes and quotes.
Set up laundry room

Set up laundry room checklist :

Of course the washing machine and dryer

Furniture with lots of storage space

Laundry basket for dirty laundry

Laundry basket for the clean laundry

Drying rack

A shelf / cabinet for all detergents and softeners

An ironing board

Storage baskets for clean laundry

Wall decoration for a cozy space

Set up laundry room

Decorating a laundry room with these tips is a breeze!

With the above tips you can immediately get started on redesigning your laundry room. Have you found nice wall decorations and hung them in your laundry room? We can't wait to see this again!