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If you are going to furnish the dining room, there are several considerations that you need to take. Which table do you choose, what do you have to pay attention to when choosing the chairs, which lighting goes with it? We have written everything out for you so that decorating the dining room has never been so easy. From inspiration and tips to unique wall decoration , your dining room will look great in no time!

1. Decorating the dining room : the dimensions

If you are going to set up the dining room , it is important to first know the dimensions of the room. For example, if you have a large room, a small dining table can come across as very cold, while a large dining table in a small space can appear full and chaotic. Therefore, before you start furnishing the dining room with furniture, first measure the space carefully. It is nice when there is enough space around the furniture to be able to pass the dining table normally. By having clear dimensions, it is a lot easier to set up the dining room and you immediately know whether you have room for other atmospheric pieces of furniture, such as a sideboard or a beautiful sideboard.
Decorate the dining room

2. Decorating the dining room : the functions

If you want to furnish the dining room , it is important as the next step to determine which wishes your dining room must meet. Do you only sit at the table to eat and drink a cup of coffee? Or is the dining room also used for working , reading, doing homework, crafts, et cetera? This all weighs in when choosing a suitable table. When you have thought this out well, you not only have a good guideline for choosing a table, but you can also take into account sufficient storage spaces, the right lighting and comfortable, matching chairs.

3. Decorating the dining room : the table

If you have thought out everything well, you can start looking for a dining table that fits well with your living wishes. Rectangular, round, square or oval, tables come in all shapes and sizes. If you are going to set up a spacious dining room , you have more options than with a compact dining area. Do you work at the dining table during the day, but do you like to eat extensively at the table in the evening? Then a large rectangular table is something to consider. During the day you can get to work, in the evening you can simply push things aside.

If you are going to set up a somewhat smaller dining room , we recommend a round dining table. A round table takes up relatively little space, but offers enough seating for 6 people with a diameter of 140 centimeters.
Decorate the dining room Do you want a compact table, but do you have moments when you sit down at the table with a large group? Then choose an extendable table. This way you can alternate between a small, space-saving dining table and a table where you can easily dine with a large group.

4. Decorating the dining room : the chairs

If you have scored a nice room, you can move on to the next step: the dining room chairs. Do you enjoy long dining, or do you work a lot at the dining table, then comfortable dining room armchairs are definitely worth considering. Chairs in which you can adopt a good sitting position are of great importance in these cases. Would you rather go for something big and cozy? Then choose a dining room sofa on one side of the table and chairs on the other side. Not only can you lose extra guests in this way, it also gives your interior a playful look!

5. Decorating the dining room : color and materials

If you are going to furnish the dining room , then you naturally want the most beautiful model of table and chairs. But in addition to a beautiful model, also take a look at the different materials . If you have children, materials made of plastic or other easy-to-clean materials are a better consideration than, for example, fabric chairs. Dining table chairs in one color look neat, but a surprising mix of colors is also very playful and stylish!

What material do you choose for the table? A wooden dining table is beautiful, but there are many more choices in materials. For example, take a look at a chic ceramic table top, or a sturdy concrete model.
Decorate the dining room

6. Decorating the dining room : the lighting

As with choosing the right table and chairs, choosing lighting also largely depends on your living requirements. If you only use the table for atmospheric dining, the choice of lighting is very different than when the dining table is also used for working. If the dining room has different functions, choose lighting with a dimming function. For example, you can increase the light intensity when you start working at the dining table, and dim the light to a softer, warm shade when you have a cozy and atmospheric dinner.

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7. Decorating the dining room : decorations

If you have the table, chairs and lighting, then you are basically done decorating the dining room , but then you probably still miss some atmosphere. The dining room also deserves cozy decorations! For example, you can place some candles or flowers, or you can decorate the walls around it with wall decoration. Take a look at our food & drinks collection , for example : a collection full of unique posters that match the dining room!

Our typography collection is also worth a look. This collection is full of quotes and sayings with which you can decorate your dining room in an attractive way.

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Good luck with the furnish the dining room!

We hope to have helped you a bit with this blog. Do you want to discover nice decorations for your interior? View our entire range here!