Retro woonkamer

When you used to visit your grandparents, you may have seen this. An interior with lots of wooden furniture, busy prints and colors like yellow and orange. We now call this a retro interior and we see it coming back more and more. Do you also want a retro living room? When furnishing your retro living room, suitable wall decoration cannot be missed. which wall decoration you can create in your retro living room? You can read all about it in this blog.

Retro living room : back to the seventies!

A retro interior is also often referred to as a 1970s interior. The color palette mainly consists of yellow, orange, green and brown. As a base for your retro living room , paint one of your walls in one of these colors. With an interior inspired by the retro trend, it is not necessary to look for special items from that time. Enough is now being made in this style. There are also wall decorations in our collections with which you can complete your retro living room !

Abstract posters

Beautiful wall decorations for your retro living room are abstract posters. This collection consists of minimalist shapes and lines in colors that fit perfectly with a retro interior. The collection appeals to the imagination. Everyone sees something different in the different shapes. The Cream Half Circle poster is a perfect addition to the retro living room due to its abstract shapes and colors !

retro living room

Black and white photo art

Another way to bring real retro vibes to your living room is black and white photo art. Our photo art collection displays various images in an artistic way. Paint your wall in a beautiful retro color and hang this Smoking In The Bathtub wall decoration, for example. This provides a classic and vintage look to the wall in your retro living room !

retro living room

Just bundle and you're done!

If you find it difficult to match wall decorations, a bundle is perfect for your retro living room. For example, we have abstract landscapes in different colors. Desert Hills fits perfectly in a retro interior by using the colors orange, yellow and green. Because this landscape consists of three parts, your wall is immediately filled. An extra advantage is that you don't have to think about whether the wall decoration fits well together, with this triptych painting you are ready in one go!

retro living room

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City of your heart

Whether it is Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Leiden or another city that has conquered your heart: bring your favorite city into your home with the cities collection! This collection showcases the beautiful historic buildings of your city. Of course you want that hanging on the wall and it also fits perfectly with your retro living room.

retro living room

Back in time

For a retro living room you naturally need wall decorations that take you back in time. With the collection of vintage photo art you bring nostalgic feelings back into your home. The vintage collection consists of black and white posters and shows beautiful photos from the past. Rialto Bridge in Venice '53 , for example, takes you all the way back to the beautiful canals of Venice of yesteryear.

retro living room

Tip : Do you want to bring more of the beautiful city of Venice into your home? You can with the Venice photo wall ! You can read how to create this look in this blog.

Retro wall decoration for your retro living room !

Whether you go for a beautiful abstract poster that appeals to the imagination, a bundle that forms a landscape in beautiful retro colors, a vintage poster or your favorite city: with all of them you can create the perfect atmosphere for your retro living room.