Zwart wit interieur

A black and white interior has been growing in popularity lately. And that's not so crazy! It often has a chic, pleasant and stylish appearance and you can wear it for years. You can go in many directions with it in terms of color use, living style and atmosphere. Do you want to create a black and white interior? Get a dose of inspiration in this blog!

Black and white interior in combination with other colors

A combination of black and white is nowadays increasingly reflected in the interior. And that's quite logical: black and white, despite being opposites, are colors that complement each other perfectly. The dark and bold of black combined with the soft and peaceful white creates the perfect contrast.

However , you can also use other colors in a black and white interior : actually there is not one color that you should avoid. Choose at most one or two colors and limit the extent to which you let them come back. If you apply too much color, you will destroy the power of the black and white.

Another option is to add shades of gray. Gray is a good complement not only because it is a middle ground between black and white, but also because it is a neutral color that is softer than black, but warmer than white. If you want more warmth in your black and white interior without making it too colorful, add gray tones!

Classic black and white interior

Do you want to go for a classic black and white interior , characterized by a chic look? You realize this by adding striking accessories, cushions and curtains made of materials such as natural stone, velvet and fur. The floor also plays a major role: opt for a luxurious-looking floor finish, such as glossy, dark tiles or a beautiful plank floor.

In terms of furniture, we recommend furniture with elegant details: symmetry is important here. Go big with the lighting: from luxurious table lamps to beautiful chandeliers. As a finishing touch, you can complete it with chic accessories such as candlesticks, large mirrors and moldings!
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Modern black and white interior

Would you rather go for a modern one  black and white interior ? This style will provide a cozy atmosphere through warm materials such as wood, reed, silk and wool. With the black and white colors as a basis, you retain the black and white interior , but in combination with the warm materials you add more warmth and cosiness. By playing with different textures, you also prevent your black and white interior from becoming too monotonous.
Black and white interior

Which walls do you paint black?

When creating a black and white interior , it is important that you take into account the amount of black that you allow to appear: of course you do not want black to dominate. We therefore recommend a ratio of 40% black and 60% white, because black generally demands more attention. For example, in a straight room it is nice to paint one wall completely black. Please note that irregularities are quickly visible with a black wall. Fortunately, there are different types of paint and wallpaper that will ensure an even result!

Accessories for a black and white interior

Are the walls and floor finished, the right furniture selected and is everything neatly arranged? Then it's time to add some decorations to give your black and white interior a personal touch. Candles, plants, cushions and mood lighting: it can get dark quickly in a black and white interior , so the right lighting is very important!

In addition, you can create the perfect atmosphere with wall decoration. You can go in different directions: from a unique photo wall  to one big eye-catcher and from colorful paintings for more contrast to black and white paintings that match your black and white interior.
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Do you want to create more warmth and contrast? Then the abstract collection might be something for you: the paintings in this collection have some dark colours, but soften the atmosphere by combining them with lighter colours. Our line art collection also contains paintings that fit well with a black and white interior .

Looking for more decorations?

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