Living room lighting: it can make or completely break your interior. No matter how much attention you have paid to beautifully furnish your living room, the end result can still be quite disappointing if you have chosen the wrong lighting. Living room lighting not only has the function of illuminating the room, it also creates atmosphere. In this blog we will tell you everything you need to know about living room lighting.

Three types of living room lighting

It is important to know that there are three different types of living room lighting, each with its own function. We list it for you so that you can not go wrong with choosing your lighting .

#1. Basic lighting

When you are looking for the right living room lighting , it is good to know that you first need basic lighting. Basic lighting is central to your home: this light should illuminate your home in an even way. These are often the large lamps on the ceiling.
Living room lighting

#2. Function lighting

Functional lighting are lamps with a specific function. The light helps you perform a certain task, such as reading. A reading light is an example of function lighting.
Living room lighting

#3. Mood lighting

This lighting speaks for itself of course: the light creates a nice, cozy and cozy atmosphere in your living room. These can be lamps that you can dim, or candles for example!
Living room lighting

Start with a lighting plan

Not many people stand still for long when looking for living room lighting . The choice is often made quickly, so it can easily go wrong. You create the most beautiful effect when you think it through and draw up a plan.

For example, you can write out this plan, or even make a floor plan of the space. In this you make clear where the furniture, wall decorations and connection points are. The next step is to determine where in the living room which activities will take place. Based on this, you can indicate which light you want where. We recommend starting with the basic lighting, and only then adding the function and mood lighting. It is important to take the connection points into account.

Some more tips for choosing the right living room lighting

• Basic lighting, or would you rather have mood lighting in this place? If you just don't know which one to go for, we recommend going for dimmable living room lighting . Not much can go wrong: if you need bright light, turn it on completely. Do you want a cozy atmosphere when you watch a movie in the evening? Then you can dim the light to create the right atmosphere.

• In this blog we only talked about living room lighting, but not about the appearance of the lamps. This is also an important point! Therefore, make sure that the appearance of the lamp matches the style of your living room . If your living room has an industrial style, choose matching industrial lamps.

• If you want to go big, opt for smart lamps. The latter have grown in popularity: lamps that you can control from a distance with your phone and change color. The perfect living room lighting if you like to create a unique atmosphere in the living room!

Living room lighting

Want to create even more atmosphere?

Do you want to create even more atmosphere in addition to beautiful living room lighting? Then consider wall decoration ! In our webshop you will find a wide range of the best paintings for your home.
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