In this blog we will look at the interior trends of 2021 so that you can immediately start (re)designing your interior! We have now been in 2021 for more than half a year, and various interior trends have emerged during that period. Maybe it starts to itch when you take a good look at your interior and you can't wait to change things up.

#1. Sustainable living, it's still hip!

Perhaps unsurprisingly, sustainability is still a trend: it is and will of course remain an important issue. Many of the Netherlands will continue to consider it important to contribute to a sustainable world in 2021. So if you want to keep up with the interior trends of 2021, we recommend that you choose responsible furniture and accessories! Think of second-hand or furniture made from recycled materials: in other words, furniture with a story and that is made with respect for nature, people and animals. Furniture made of materials that can last for a longer period of time can also be seen in the interior trends of 2021, such as bamboo or rattan.

#2. Add a statement piece

Looking at the interior trends , we noticed something that is very popular to do: adding a statement piece to your interior. Where we used to like to fill our walls with multiple works of art and create photo walls, in 2021 it is a trend to take home a striking item, which is also called a statement piece.

For example, you can choose to fill a large empty wall with a large, colorful painting : something that immediately attracts the attention of visitors and creates a real 'wow' effect. You can also see a unique image in the middle of the room in the interior trends of 2021. Interior trends

#3. Line art art

If you look at line art , you will see that it has already become more and more popular in the past year. Line art also belongs in the interior trends of 2021! You see the art form not only in paintings, but also on figurines, flower pots and even clothing, line art is loved by many. Because you can go in so many directions with line art, you have to be careful not to let it dominate your interior. With a subtle addition, your interior can be provided with a stylish look in no time!

#4. A worldly interior

If you want to bring the interior trends of 2021 into your home, you have to be able to travel the world in your own home. How? Combine furniture and accessories from all over the world, from Africa and Asia to Scandinavia! You can think of bringing different patterns into your home, or using a wide color palette of warm earth tones with bright and cheerful colors. A mix of materials also characterizes a worldly interior. The more contrast you create, the greater the wow factor will be! Interior trends

#5. The color trends you should go for

Color plays an important role in the interior trends of 2021. What really struck us? The use of dark blue! It is a color of confidence and tranquility and gives your interior a classic luxury. When you go for blue, you have a timeless color that you can easily combine with warm and neutral colors and materials. A blue wall, sofa or accessories: it gives your interior more peace and provides a fresh and pleasant atmosphere.

Still looking for unique decorations?

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