The Weeknd poster

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The start of a promising career

The Weeknd is the pop star everyone is talking about these days. With great hits like ''Can't feel my face'', ''Starboy'', ''Blinding lights'' and many others, he steals the hearts of all his fans. The Canadian superstar started his career completely anonymously. Here and there he posted some music on YouTube that got him some attention but didn't really break through.

Noticed by world rapper Drake

No, his real breakthrough came when world rapper Drake noticed his music. When The Weeknd gave his first small performance in 2011, Drake immediately saw that he had a great musical talent in front of him. After the performance, The Weeknd, aka Abel Tesfaye by his real name, was approached by Drake. They performed together every now and then and of course this did not go unnoticed by the record companies.

First album The Weeknd

A boy with so much talent who has already performed together with a great man like Drake certainly does not go unnoticed. After dozens of record companies lined up for Abel Tesfaye , he could start working on his first album called ''Kiss Land''.

This album featured music with collaborations with Pharrell Williams, Dj Kavinsky and Drake, among others. The album was an immediate hit in Canada and the US. The album even became so popular that it reached the second place on the album charts.

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Worldwide hits

In his 2nd album that followed, Abel Tesfaye also scored worldwide hits with ''Can't feel my face'' and ''The Hills''. The songs reached at least the top 10 hits in most countries and often also number one. From this moment on, Abel Tesfaye managed to score top 40 after top 40 hit in the albums that followed. But the big hits on the list were ''Starboy'', ''I feel it coming'' and ''Blinding Lights''.

A beautiful voice

Despite the fact that Abel Tesfaye did not have the vision of the future to become world famous, he succeeded. Partly because others believed in his talent and wanted to see more of him. He is one of the biggest pop stars in the world and will certainly remain so for some time to come.

Especially since he is one of the few artists who doesn't use autotune nowadays. What you always hear from him is almost all without autotune. This is also one of the reasons why many people admire him. We definitely recommend going to one of his live concerts to admire his voice in real life.

The Weeknd poster

The Weeknd poster

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