Industriële slaapkamer

When creating a cool bedroom, you can go in many directions. A bedroom is a personal space in which it is important to reflect your favorite colors and style. This will ensure a room in which you dream away and where you get an optimal feeling. Do you like cool materials and colours? Then the industrial bedroom is definitely something for you! We take you through a 5-step plan to achieve the perfect industrial bedroom:

#1 Stone

Stone is the basis for an industrial bedroom . Stone is a tough and hard material that cannot be missed. Do you already have a brick wall in the bedroom ? Then you are very lucky with this! If not? Nowadays you have special paint to create a concrete look on the wall. Another option is to apply an extra layer of stucco to the wall and make shapes and sweeps in it, so the wall looks just like real stone! The stone base gives the wall a tough and industrial look. It also gives your bedroom character!

#2 Metal

The more metal in the bedroom , the more industrial it will become. Metals cannot be missing in an industrial bedroom. You can have this reflected in many different items. You can choose to buy a metal cabinet, but if you like to keep it more subtle, you can also opt for a large metal lamp. For example, hang a metal eye-catcher from the ceiling, or place a cool metal lamp in the corner of the bedroom for a nonchalant effect.

#3 Wall decoration in an industrial bedroom

Wall decoration can do a lot in the interior of your bedroom . To complete an industrial bedroom , you can go for a work of art that matches it well. At Walljar we have different collections of wall decoration that will fit well in an industrial bedroom , such as:

Line art. The line art collection consists of impressive subtle wall decoration, which will finish your bedroom in a minimalistic way.

• Architecture. The architecture collection consists of beautiful buildings that can be found in Amsterdam. The prints will give character to an industrial bedroom .

• Dictionaries. The dictionary collection consists of typographic wall decoration. The prints have a dictionary style definition and are available in the dark and light. This unique collection will be a good match with the industrial bedroom.

Curious about the rest of our wall decoration collections? Take a look here to choose your favorite print and finish your industrial bedroom !

#4 Dressing in an industrial bedroom

For some atmosphere and a soft surface when you get out of bed in the morning, rugs are ideal! You see a lot of rugs in industrial bedrooms , but then coarsely woven and in earth tones. A don't is a tightly woven rug with lots of bright colors .. that will fit better in a bohemian bedroom .

#5 Earth tones and dark accents

For a truly industrial bedroom , you will need to add lots of earth tones and dark accents. You have to use the right color palette. When creating an appropriate color palette, consider the necessary items you will need, such as a color for:

  • The walls
  • The floor
  • The bedding
  • The curtains
  • Further accessories

If you have this for yourself, you can better compose the color palette. For example, use dark green, sand color and various shades of gray. And complete the industrial bedroom with accessories in black and white colors.

Apply it!

We hope you take our tips into consideration when creating the perfect industrial bedroom . Should you have any questions? Then we can be reached via the live chat. If you have become curious about the rest of our art offer? Then take a look here!