Modern interieur

Do you want to create a modern interior for your home? In this blog you will find the best step-by-step plan for creating your modern interior!

Step 1 Create contrast with the colors black, white and light gray

The basic colors in a modern interior are black, white and light grey. The colors provide a nice contrast and ensure a clear and clean look. For example, it is very popular to paint your walls white or light gray and to use dark furniture with it. This makes the furniture in the house stand out.

In addition, a wooden or concrete floor is also an ideal means of creating contrast. It is important to use a dark wooden floor or a dark gray concrete floor. These reinforce the contrast to the white walls. A wooden floor is generally used more often, because it gives a warm feeling to the modern interior.
Modern interior

Step 2 Choose the right furniture

It is important that you choose the right furniture and accessories for your modern interior . Leather, plastic and wood are the basic elements of this modern interior. For example, think of a leather chair, a fabric sofa, a canvas and a wooden cabinet. You often see a steel door in a modern interior . Do you already have this or can you easily get it? Then definitely take advantage of that option! View the canvas paintings now to give your living room atmosphere!

What you should definitely keep in mind when putting together the furniture is; less is more. A modern interior should look sleek and well-arranged. So don't fill the whole house with furniture.

For example, try making a corner with a table, two chairs and a small rug. Nothing else from furniture or accessories within a radius of 1.5 meters. This makes the corner a real eye-catcher and the interior remains uncluttered.

The same goes for a table. A carpet underneath, a nice dark wooden table on top, chairs at the table and maybe a flower on the table. Nothing else and nothing close to the table. It may sound a bit boring when you read it like this, but when you see the end result you will be very satisfied.

Step 3 Provide plenty of light

A modern interior requires a lot of light. This not only makes the room shine, but also shows the contrast of dark and light well. Do you have large windows in your house? Then a modern interior fits perfectly with your home! You can also decorate your windows to play with the light a bit. You can hang a blind, pleated curtain or duo roller blind to regulate the incidence of light. This way you can enjoy both the light and your privacy.
Modern interior

Step 4 Create warmth despite the sleek clean look

Do you find a modern interior a bit cold and cold-eyed? This can easily be solved with one material: wood. Wood always gives a feeling of warmth and cosiness. For example, consider the wooden floor from step 1. Or try to purchase more wooden furniture instead of fabric furniture. For example, you can order wooden cabinets, chairs, tables, wall decoration and cabinets to create more cosiness. View Walljar's collections now and find your favorite wall decoration !

Rugs often also want to help make your home more homely. People like to have rugs in the house because it is nice and warm for your feet. Rugs are certainly no problem in a modern interior and also help to create nice corners in your home.

Found a modern interior ?

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