Franse elftal

Hey, it's finally that time again, a big final tournament can be played again. Euro 2021 has started, but who will take the title? Can the French team take revenge after the lost European Championship final in 2016 against Portugal and win the European Championship in addition to the World Cup?

The French star team

If we look at the selection of France, you would say that they can become European champions with two fingers in their nose. The selection consisting of Kylian Mbappe, Paul Pogba, Raphaël Varane, N'golo Kanté and Hugo Lloris, among others, could still compete for the title even if they drafted their B-team. They have two world top players in almost every position.

The French are therefore by far the top favorite to win the European Championship 2021 . The only drawback the French team has is that they don't always function well as a team. With all those world top players you would expect sparkling football, but this is often very disappointing. The French often manage to win, but they are often only solid victories.

The organization of the French national team

What is a very strong point of France, is the organization that is always in good shape. With Pogba and Kanté as the defensive block in midfield, it is already very difficult for the opponent to play through it. And when you manage to get through it once, there are Kimpembe and Varane who stop everything. Moreover, attackers such as Griezmann and Benzema are also not averse to defending.

It is the cooperation of the whole team that makes the French national team so good, not the sparkling football, because you only see this from time to time. It is actually the exact opposite of what you would expect from these world-class performers. But yes, as long as it works and it goes well, there is no reason for trainer Didier Deschamps to make changes.

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What can we expect from l'équipe?

The expectation for the European Championship 2021 is therefore that France will at least make it to the final and will most likely take the cup. Kylian Mbappe will, together with Karim Benzema, claim a leading role. These players are sure to score a few goals. In addition, the team will have a hard time conceding goals due to the strong defensive block.

Make sure you don't miss the matches of the French national team and be in front of the TV on time!

  • 15-06 France - Germany 21:00 (1-0)
  • 19-06 Hungary - France 18:00 (1-1)
  • 23-06 Portugal - France 21:00 (1-0)
  • 28-06 France - Switzerland 21:00

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