Dieren posters

Our collection of animal posters is full of impressive photography prints. The shapes and colors of the animals will look stylish in all rooms and interior styles. In addition, the animal posters can be perfectly combined in an impressive gallery wall. Get to know our animals!

Beastly works on the wall

Animal posters are a perfect example to bring some more life to your interior. In the animal collection you can find cool pictures of animals. This wall decoration is beautiful in color, but also in black and white. Find your bestial animal poster now!

animal posters

wildlife animal posters

Tigers, lions, jaguars and giraffes: bring wildlife into your home. These impressive animal posters will immediately grab your attention when you walk into this space. Order your favorite animal photo on a (framed) poster, canvas, plexiglass or dibond.

animal posters

cute animal posters

In addition to the cool animal posters , we also have a number of cute animal posters in our collection. Do you absolutely love a puppy, panda or maybe that cute koala? Then there will certainly be something for you in the animal collection .

animal posters

animal drawings

In our animal collection you can also find a number of animal drawings that were originally made on paper. These animals are hand drawn and these artworks date back to the 17th century. How fat! You can find a snake, flamingo, crab, butterfly and much more in the collection in this style.

animal posters

An eye-catcher on the wall

Are you interested in a large format and is it not in the collection? No worries! We make custom designs especially for you. This way you can display your favorite animals on the wall in life-size format. Choose a large plexiglass, wallpaper or a print on canvas. Pass on your wish via the live chat or email us at info@walljar.com and we will discuss the possibilities together!

Animal gallery wall

In addition to hanging animal posters as an eye-catcher, this collection is also perfect for displaying in a gallery wall. See, for example, this winter gallery wall with a snow panda and bison in combination with a typography poster and plant posters.

animal posters

Animal posters are always good!

Have you gained inspiration with this blog and perhaps found something nice to hang in your home? Then we wish you a lot of shopping pleasure in our animal collection !