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Meet an abstract landscape gallery wall created by the corresponding colors in the three unique posters. This photo wall radiates tranquility and will look perfect in a bedroom. Take a look at how this photo wall was created!

The color palette

Soft pinks, browns, orange accents and light blues. You're always in the right place with this nude color palette! These colors give a calming feeling in any room. They are inconspicuous at first glance, but when you combine several nude shades with each other, it becomes a nice calm whole. By combining warm colors such as pink, brown and orange with cool blue colors you create a feminine and chic bedroom.

The designs in the gallery wall: Abstract Landscape

Abstract posters have been used in this gallery wall, which together form an abstract landscape . The following posters and formats can be seen in the photo wall above the bed:

Abstract landscape : desert waters

This gallery wall consists entirely of abstract posters, one of our favorites is '' Desert waters ''. On this design you can see the blue waters, warm sand dunes and a sunny sky. This design will immediately give a cozy atmosphere to your bedroom.

abstract landscape

Abstract landscape : paper mountains

This design uses a round landscape made of paper against a nude background, also known as: '' Paper mountains ''. This design fits in perfectly with the other abstract posters due to the nude color palette that is used in all three designs.

abstract landscape

Desert Day

One of our bestsellers: '' Desert Day '' is also in this gallery wall. In the abstract poster collection you will encounter many designs that shape an abstract landscape . These are ideal for the bedroom because they give a soothing feeling!

abstract landscape

final touches

To complete this look, you can add various accessories in the bedroom. Rattan or wicker lamps, baskets and chairs are perfect for this gallery wall. In addition, a white duvet will make your bedroom look even more restful. Candles and a nice plant complete this interior!

Buy one of the abstract landscape posters or the entire gallery wall as a whole

On this page you can easily order the posters in this gallery wall in your preferred sizes and materials. You can choose from (framed) posters, canvas paintings and plexiglass paintings.