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NAC Breda is a unique football club in the Netherlands. With its Burgundian image, NAC is even one of the fans' favorite away games. Every home game is a party and that is something that everyone in Breda should experience at least once in his or her life. Do you want a unique Breda poster on the wall? Then quickly go to our collection and get your favorite prints at home!

The NAC Breda poster collection

Walljar offers historical posters of football in Breda . For example, we have the Rat Verlegh Stadium available on plexiglass, canvas and poster . This football temple from Breda has been home to NAC Breda since 1996 and offers every home game place to the Yellow Army consisting of 19,000 enthusiastic NAC Breda fans who shout their team to victory.

Did you know?
During one season, about 200,000 liters of beer is consumed in Breda during the club's home games. Whether NAC plays in the Eredivisie or a step lower in the Kitchen Champion Division, the atmosphere at every home game is unique and a typical part of Breda that you must have seen and experienced.

We also have many vintage posters from the history of NAC Breda. Prints of the promotion from '66, the cup win from 73 and prints of brilliant victories over the top teams in the Netherlands.

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NAC Breda poster

NAC Breda

As one of the ten largest cities in the Netherlands, the city should of course also have a professional football club. With NAC, professional football has been a reality in Breda since 1956. In this year it entered the Eredivisie for the first time. Since then, NAC has been a stable professional football club that has often played in the Eredivisie, but NAC has unfortunately also had a lesser period in the First Division. But what every fan will remember are of course the highlights, NAC has won several championships:

  • One-time Dutch champion (1921)
  • One-time First Division champion (2000)
  • One-time KNVB Cup winner (1973)

The club has also been able to represent the Netherlands in Europe several times. For the first time in the 1964/1965 season. Opponents were RFC Liège, BSC Young Boys and 1. FC Saarbrücken. After this, NAC has played six more times in Europe, the last time in 2009/2010. The club has played major matches against top clubs such as Rosenborg BK, Newcastle United and Villarreal.

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