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We spend a lot of time in the bedroom, maybe ⅓ of our lives! That is why it is important that our bedrooms are completely to your liking. It is nice to have a bedroom that makes you happy and where you sleep well. Do you like a bohemian interior and do you want to make a bohemian bedroom? Walljar lists various bohemian interior tips for you!

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You see it more and more these days: a bohemian interior ! But what do we mean by a boho interior ? A Bohemian bedroom is characterized by a relaxed atmosphere, with many prints and colours, accessories and materials. On the other hand, there are many white and natural tones to be found in a Bohemian bedroom . The style is often made very personal. So you can do many things with it!

#1 Choose a color as the basis for your Bohemian bedroom

To start at the beginning, choosing colors in rooms is the first step. Colors are very important and are the beginning of a certain atmosphere that you want to create. It is good to know that light, basic walls and floors make the space in the bedroom appear larger and lighter.

In general, bohemian colors are quite pronounced and busy colors. A tip from us is: keep the walls and floor a bit quieter , so that you can go in all kinds of directions with the furniture and accessories. Otherwise you run the risk that the interior may become too crowded in your bedroom .

Colors that might go well with a Bohemian bedroom are:

  • Dark pink
  • Earth tones
  • Eggplant
  • Green
  • Golden shades
  • ocher yellow
  • Warm red and orange

For a more subtle effect, you can have these colors reflected in the accessories, but if you like colors on the wall or if you like a bedroom with a dark look (which can look very cosy), you can also opt for a warm orange or green color on the wall!

#2 Play with the light in a Bohemian bedroom

Light is a hugely important aspect in a Bohemian bedroom . In most cases there is a lot of mood light and there is a romantic atmosphere. With a dimmer on your lamps, you can adjust the light as you want!

Twilight lights and other small lights do well in the interior. As a main lamp you can go for a striking colored lamp, such as a Moroccan lamp, which will complete your Bohemian bedroom!

In addition, you often find a series of small lights
that are strung along the bed or the wall. This gives a cute effect and is very romantic to put on when you are in bed at night.

#3 Art in a Bohemian bedroom

Since hanging wall decoration in a Bohemian bedroom is very characteristic, it is super fun to add art! Art makes your Bohemian bedroom even more personal. In our webshop you can find a wide range of different art and wall decorations. Take a look here ! We recommend the following collections for a Bohemian bedroom at:

Bohemian interior bedroom

#4 New and vintage furniture

In addition to new furniture, vintage furniture also fits very well with a bedroom with a Bohemian interior . Tip from us: you can find the most beautiful vintage pearls at a thrift store, vintage furniture store or on a marketplace!

The nice thing about vintage furniture is that it is unique and always gives character to a room. It is also nice to see that the furniture has been used and has an 'old' touch. Don't like this old touch, or that peeling paint? Then you can of course personalize the vintage furniture and paint it in a Bohemian color! For example, make an antique cupboard old pink.

#5 Dressing in a Bohemian bedroom

Rugs and wall hangings do a lot in a Bohemian bedroom . Hang a rug on the wall and your bedroom immediately radiates bohemian! You have rugs in all kinds of colors, sizes and prints. When you hang rugs on the wall, it is of course not forbidden to put rugs on the floor. Anything is possible in a Boohian bedroom ! Not only do rugs make it cosy, but when you get out of bed in the morning, rugs give you a nice soft surface. So ideal!

#6 Blankets, pillows and more pillows…

The bed takes center stage in the Bohemian bedroom . A large bed with an amount of soft blankets, pillows and throws. Nothing is too crazy in a Bohemian bedroom , so unpack! Blankets, pillows and plaids are the mood makers and you can mix and match several of them for a playful and atmospheric effect in the interior.

In addition to pillows on your bed, you can also put pillows in other places. Like in a chair, or as a decoration in a corner of the bedroom or on a closet.

#7 Accessories

In a Bohemian bedroom , the accessories cannot be missed. It is nice to combine different influences and cultures with each other. For example, use souvenirs from travel as ethnic accessories and combine other unique objects from countries. Like vintage furniture, vintage accessories are also a lot of fun to use. Tip from us: you can find the most beautiful vintage pearls at a thrift store, vintage furniture store or on a marketplace!

Hanging accessories are all the rage for the Bohemian interior ! Hang handmade signs on the wall, plants or several mirrors. Be aware that you are a bit selective when choosing your accessories, busy is nice but too busy can also be disturbing in a Bohemian bedroom . Not all accessories fit well together in one bedroom .
bohemian bedroom

#8 Plants in a Bohemian Bedroom

Last but not least: plants for some extra oxygen! Plants are always nice to add to the interior of a bedroom . And did you know that plants make you sleep better?! Plants are cozy and create atmosphere. Put them in a nice colored pot, or hang them up! Alone or with several next to each other.

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