Bloemen schilderijen

Who doesn't love flowers? Flowers symbolize a lot. They are often given as gifts for special occasions, or special moments, but are also used for sad moments and unpleasant occasions. Furthermore, flowers make almost every woman very happy! Flowers smell nice and are to be enjoyed. That is why we have designed flower paintings for the flower collection ! But first read on about what flowers do to you!

Flowers make us happy

Besides the fact that flowers are used for many purposes and can no longer be missed, they also make us very happy and do something for our mood! Flowers make us happy because of their colors and the graceful effect they have in the environment where they are. That is why there should be a beautiful bunch of flowers in every home or office .

flower paintings

Do you also enjoy flowers , but do you not have time to continuously get fresh flowers , or is there another reason that this does not work? Then wall decoration is recommended! Flower paintings do not perish and remain beautiful to look at. Our flower collection is fantastic and really brings out the cheerful feeling! The flower collection is suitable for different spaces due to the subtle prints and calm colors. Nice for the living room, bedroom but also for the toilet or bathroom!

In addition to 'real' flowers, giving flower paintings as a gift is also very nice! Many people are crazy about flowers , so you can't go wrong. Certainly not since the flower collection is very basic.

Our flower paintings

The flower paintings consist of many different flowers and different colors. The colors used, despite being colorful, are not overpowering. Since the colors are subtle and the flowers are drawn in a minimalistic way, the paintings fit in many different spaces. View the entire Walljar flower collection here .

Tritonia Crocata

flower painting This beautiful Tritonia Crocata is one of our favorite floral paintings. This flower has a graceful appearance and is ideal for brightening up your home in a subtle way. The Tritonia Crocata is a flower that can be used in many spaces. The flower has a minimalistic design, but has a cozy appearance. View the Tritonia Crocata here .

Syringa vulgaris

flower painting The Syringa vulgaris is another favorite! This flower pleases those who are looking for a painting that is very timeless. The shades in the painting are easy colours, which are soft and therefore a nice addition! The flower is drawn somewhat busier, with various graceful leaves next to the flower. Nice if you are looking for a colorful but subtle addition to your home! View the Syringa vulgaris here .


flower painting Last but not least: the Dahlia! Another favorite among flower lovers. The Dahlia is a colorful painting. With various colorful flowers, this is a graceful print with a cheerful appearance. Beautiful flower paintings, with almost a moving image. Very cool in large for the hall, or in any other place with a large piece of wall left. Also nice in small, to put somewhere (instead of hanging). View the Dahlia here .

Discover all flower paintings!

Should you be as enthusiastic as we are about flowers ? And would you like a beautiful flower paintings at home? View the entire flower collection here and choose your favorite print!