Afrikaans interieur

Africa is an exotic place that, once you've been there, will be a special memory for you forever. What do you do when you love this part of the world so much but can't go there every day? Our solution: bring Africa into your home! We help you to create an interior style inspired by Africa . But what are the characteristic features of an African interior? We explain it in this blog!

Light walls and warm colors

True traditional African houses are huts with clay walls. So if you want an African interior , finish your walls with something similar, such as plaster or similar wallpaper. In addition, make sure that you choose warm colors. The African nature is always warm in colour, a characteristic that you can also bring into your home: yellow, orange, ocher, burgundy red, red, brown, and so on!

Choose dark wood furniture with ethnic prints or animal skins upholstery

Dark wooden furniture is perfect if you want to go for an African interior ! You can also opt for a covering with ethnic prints or (faux) animal skins: this completes the picture. African paintings with animals also fit well with this!

African interior

African figurines, pottery and masks

Wooden figurines and masks are important objects in the life of African tribes: without them you don't have an African interior ! Often these figurines have wrong proportions, for example with remarkably long legs or hands. Masks and African pottery also fit well in an African interior . These pieces are exactly what you need to give your interior an African feel.

Paintings in an African interior

A simple way to give your interior an African atmosphere is to add African wall decorations . You can easily do this with paintings ! If you have really started creating an African interior , then paintings can really be that icing on the cake. Our Africa collection is full of typical African paintings !
African interior

Ready to take an African interior?

Is an African interior really something for you? Quickly dive into our Africa collection for suitable decorations!