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The bathroom is an important room in the house. It is a place where you spend a lot of time and the space where you start and end the day. It is nice if your bathroom fits in with the rest of the house and has a calm appearance. The space in the bathroom is often limited and that is why it is important to use the space well. This brings us right to the bathroom tips!

Create an oasis of calm in the bathroom with the following easy tips.

#1 Don't put too many accessories in the bathroom

Because there is often limited space in the bathroom and you want to keep the bathroom clean and make it look clean, it is important not to use too many accessories and frills. It is also nice if the bathroom can be cleaned properly and too many accessories often get in the way.

#2 Light shades make the bathroom look bigger

Light tones create an optically more spacious bathroom . These shades radiate tranquility and ensure a relaxed bathroom. In addition, light colors provide a psychologically clean feeling.

#3 Bathroom tips: plants on the wall

You see a lot of plants in the bathroom ! Of course it is very nice to decorate your bathroom with plants, especially if you have the space for this, that is a nice option! Do you have less space or do you not like plants ? Walljar offers a wide range of wall decoration, suitable for the bathroom ! Discover the Walljar plant collection now!

Wall decoration can do a lot for a room. There are different types of sizes to suit different spaces. On a wall in the bathroom it is nice to use multiple prints to create a gallery wall. The prints of Walljar can be printed on plexiglass, so they do not become ugly due to the moisture in the bathroom and they are easy to keep clean! Bathroom wall decoration

#4 The perfect light in the bathroom

Light is a very important element in spaces, it is a basic point that can do a lot for your bathroom . In the bathroom it is nice if you have good light for, for example: putting on your make-up, plucking your eyebrows and shaving your legs.

In addition, the mood light in the bathroom cannot be missed, for example if you: take a relaxing bath for a romantic moment with your partner, or just want to relax with a mask on your face. That is why we recommend installing different lighting in the bathroom . For example, you can place a brighter light (LED light) above the mirror and a head lamp (which has a dimming position) on the ceiling. For a diverse effect, you can place spotlights on the ceiling, so that you can turn them in different directions.

#5 Tile it!

Tiles give your bathroom a certain character. Are you going for a robust stone? Then your bathroom will look tougher and rawer. Or do you go for a small colored stone? Then you get more of a playful effect! Tiles come in many shapes and sizes. It is important here that you choose what you like. It is also useful to choose tiles that are timeless, since you will not get tired of looking at them for a while.

#6 Mirror, mirror on the wall!

Mirrors can of course not be missing in your bathroom . Besides the fact that it is nice to have enough different mirrors to look into, mirrors make your bathroom optically larger and spread the light more easily.

For example, hang two mirrors or a large mirror above the washbasins. Mirrors are also available in many different shapes and sizes. Choose what you like and also recommend it: something that is timeless! Bathroom wall decoration

#7 Colors and Contrast

When you use 1 color you get bored and you quickly get bored of your bathroom . That is why it is important to use at least 2 to 3 colors. This way you can create contrast and give your bathroom a little more character .

With colors you don't have to think of very present or bright colors. These can also be subtle colors, which give that little bit extra. For example, what you could do in a neutral bathroom is to give the accessories (such as a soap dispenser) a color, or let the color come back in the wall decoration .

You can also use materials in different colors. For example, combine dark gray cabinets with a white stone top as in the image above.

#8 Small bathroom tips

If your bathroom is not that big, the bathroom tips below are important.

  • Use light shades (see tip 1) .
  • Use mirrors (see tip 6) .
  • Use a lot of glass (instead of solid walls, for example in the shower).
  • Use 1 storage unit with many compartments or drawers (make a smart layout) for a sleek effect.
  • Leave the bath out and opt for a shower.

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We hope that the above bathroom tips have helped you and that you can complete your bathroom ! View here various wall decorations from Walljar, suitable for the bathroom!