Tuin wanddecoratie

Are you blessed with a garden? Then this is most likely one of your favorite rooms in the house. You can enjoy the sun in your own green oasis and dine outside with friends. But can your garden be brightened up with garden wall decoration ? Walljar offers a wide range of garden wall decorations to brighten up your garden!

Creating atmosphere in the garden

We, the Dutch, can be found outside when the weather is nice, and therefore also in the garden. The garden, veranda or possibly the garden house, are often nicely decorated. Beautiful accessories such as nice cushions, candles and cozy lights are used to make the place less 'bare'. Another nice addition for the garden or veranda is garden wall decoration !
Garden wall decoration

Where do I hang my garden wall decoration ?

Hang your garden wall decoration on an empty wall near the veranda, garden house or fence. But watch out! Wall decoration does not always have to hang, you can also place the posters, prints or paintings. As long as they are stable. The location is very dependent on the layout of your garden.

Doesn't my garden wall decoration get ugly outside?

The answer is 'no'. Walljar has plexiglass especially for the garden and other damp areas, such as the bathroom, toilet and kitchen (where grease splashes can fall on the prints).

Plexiglass is a material in which the design is printed on the back of the Plexiglas. The plate has a thickness of 3 millimeters (5 millimeters thick on request) with polished edges. The sheet material has a glossy and smooth finish. This ensures that your garden wall decoration is protected when it starts to rain and remains beautiful when the sun is on it. Ideal for outside in the garden or in the veranda!

What kind of wall decoration can I hang in my garden?

Hanging wall decorations in the garden is very personal. Walljar has a huge range of different designs. Take a look here to pick out your favorite work and brighten up your garden now!

Do you find it difficult to make a choice? To make it a little easier, we have listed the most popular collections for the garden!

#1 Plant garden wall decoration

People associate the garden with greenery, nature and energy. The collection in which this is also reflected is the Walljar plant collection . This collection contains different types of leaves, plants and cacti that match very well with outdoor spaces. The garden wall decoration consists of serene shades of green that give off a 'natural' vibe. It is also fun to mix and match, hang 2 designs from the plant collection next to or opposite each other for a playful effect!

The 3 nicest plant designs?

1. Palm Leaf
The palm leaf is a subtle, cozy garden wall decoration. Do you like a tropical touch in the garden? Then the palm leaf is for you!

2. Cactus
Cacti are modern plants. This plant has a soft appearance due to the green tones that have been used, but it does give it character. Is this what you're looking for? Then the cactus is for you!

3. Monstera
The Monstera always do well with people. This plant has a relaxed and pleasant appearance. Do you like impressive garden wall decoration? Then the Monstera is definitely something for you! Garden wall decoration

#2 Zoo wall decoration

In addition to plants, people really enjoy bringing animals back into the garden. The animal collection features all kinds of impressive, detailed drawings and photographic art.

The 3 most impressive animal designs?

1. Blue Jay
The blue jay is a beauty from the animal collection. This subtle, sweet animal poster is very suitable as a garden wall decoration.

2. Brown Bull
The brown bull is a beautiful appearance from the animal collection. This cool animal poster is very suitable as a wall decoration in the garden.

3. Herd of Zebras
This herd of zebras is a sturdy and impressive addition to the garden. These safari animals immediately give your garden an exotic look!

Garden wall decoration

#3 Flower garden wall decoration

Could your garden use some extra color? Then we have the perfect colorful collection for the garden: the flower collection !

The 3 most cozy floral designs?

1. Orange Dahlia
This beautiful Dahlia is a graceful wall decoration. The Dahlia gives a cheerful and colorful effect as a wall decoration in the garden.

2. Cherry Blossom II
This beautiful, graceful Cherry Blossom will give a cheerful touch to the garden. The Dahlia gives more color and is the perfect wall decoration to brighten up the garden.

3. Flower at sunset
Below you can see the flower at sunset . Due to the simplicity of this design, this black and white photo art will look perfect in any garden.

Garden wall decoration

Create a cozy garden with garden wall decoration

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