Sinterklaas cadeau

Santa Claus is back in the country! The time of lots of gingerbread cookies and chocolate letters, the Sinterklaas news and of course Sinterklaas presents has come again. Yet it remains difficult every year: what is the best Sinterklaas gift ?

Because what do you give someone who already has everything? By now everyone has enough cheerful socks and coffee mugs. In this blog we provide inspiration so that you can give your friends and family the nicest and most original Sinterklaas gift! This guarantees a fun Sinterklaas party.

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1. Advent Calendars

We all know how much fun it is to open a gift. Pakjesavond falls at the beginning of December and then the advent calendar has just started. With an Advent calendar you don't open a gift just once, but it is a party all month long because you can open a box every day! And yet it remains a surprise what you get that day. There are many different types of advent calendars, such as: makeup advent calendars, beer advent calendars, and toy advent calendars. You can't think of it that crazy, or it's for sale!
Sinterklaas gift

2. A subscription

Give someone a subscription as a gift. This can be a subscription to his/her favorite magazine or newspaper, but also to a streaming service such as Disney or Netflix. This way someone can enjoy the Sinterklaas gift you have given for much longer !

3. Sports attributes

December is the month of celebration, which also involves a lot of good food. Those December kilos also have to get rid of it, so it's nice to give sports attributes like Sinterklaas as a gift ! Think, for example, of kettlebells, a skipping rope, resistance bands or a running belt. After all the partying, there are no more excuses, there will really have to be exercised!
Sinterklaas gift

4. A bathrobe

A bathrobe symbolizes rest and relaxation. Especially in the busy month of December, that is something that everyone can use, so give a bathrobe as a Sinterklaas gift ! Nowadays there are many original and awesome bathrobes, so there is plenty of choice to give someone a special bathrobe as a gift.

5. Pamper Package

We are only getting busier, so it's nice to give someone a pampering package. You can buy this ready-made, but you can also put it together yourself. Make a nice package with, for example, a bath bomb, scented candle, a mask, scrub and shower gel. This way someone can completely relax with your Sinterklaas gift !
Sinterklaas gift

6. An experience

A nice Sinterklaas gift does not necessarily have to be a tangible product. It can also be an experience. Create a new memory by doing something fun together! For example, take someone out to dinner, go bowling together, take a fun course or go away for a weekend together.

7. Games

Now this is a win-win situation, give a nice game as a gift! Nowadays, more and more new and fun games are coming onto the market. This way you can have a good time with each other outside the Sinterklaas party and enjoy the game you have given!

8. Wall decoration

Give someone wall decoration as a gift! Give a beautifully framed poster so someone can give their home a makeover. December is also the month of being at home and enjoying the house, these posters give every house that homely feeling. That's a nice Sinterklaas gift!
Sinterklaas gift

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