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Scheveningen is one of the biggest attractions in the Netherlands. There is something for everyone to do in Scheveningen and is therefore visited by millions of people every year. A Scheveningen poster of the most famous beach in the Netherlands is therefore definitely a must have.

A day in Scheveningen

For the foodies there is the beautiful boulevard where you can eat and drink. For sun lovers , there is the beach where you can sunbathe for hours. For sports enthusiasts , there are beach and water activities such as beach volleyball and surfing. And to top it all off , the Pier and the Kurhaus are wonderful sightseeing spots .

Enjoying the radiant sun

If you want to enjoy the sun in the summer, there is hardly a better place than the beach of Scheveningen. You can rent a bed here and lie in the sun for hours to tan. When you need some refreshment, you can take a dip in the cooling North Sea.

The beach and sea of ​​Scheveningen are really super clean. You will never be bothered by rubbish or a polluted beach. Scheveningen has received an award in the form of a blue flag with regard to their beauty and safety on the beach. This is the international sign for beaches that have a safe and clean beach.

Beach volleyball and surfing in the radiant sun

Are you really sporty? Then beach volleyball or surfing on the beach of Scheveningen is really something for you! You can get surf lessons and show your surfing skills. Scheveningen has fantastic surf facilities with surf schools. These facilities even feature an artificial reef that can produce waves. Very nice to try once of course!

The Hague Beach Stadium is located on the beach of Scheveningen. Beach soccer and volleyball competitions are regularly held here. You can visit this for free. So be sure to take a look! Of course you can also choose to hit or kick a ball yourself. It's just what you like yourself! Did you come across a nice place in The Hague while doing these fun activities? Then order a Scheveningen poster in our webshop!

Scheveningen poster of the sightseeing

Do you like a nice view and relax? Then the sightseeing in The Hague is for you! For example, you can enjoy a delicious drink on the extensive boulevard of The Hague under the blazing sun.

You can also choose to watch the sunset on the most beautiful Pier in the Netherlands. Here you can enjoy gazing over the water at the sun that slowly disappears below the horizon. This Pier is also available as a Scheveningen poster in our webshop .

Photo of The Hague

Then there is the beautiful Kurhaus hotel. This is by far the most beautiful hotel in The Hague. With its imposing dome, this hotel immediately catches the eye on the Scheveningen coast. In this 5 star hotel you can spend the night in the neo-renaissance style. The inside of the hotel is fully equipped for this. Would you like a Scheveningen poster of this beautiful sightseeing? Then buy it in our webshop !

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