PSV poster

Are you a real big fan of PSV? Check out Walljar's PSV poster in her Eindhoven collection ! Here you will find the best and most memorable matches and moments from PSV club history! In this blog we tell you something about the greats of PSV and the atmosphere in the Philips Stadium.

The glorious history and many prizes

The Philips Sport Vereniging in Eindhoven is one of the largest clubs in the Netherlands. The club was founded in 1913 and has been around for more than 100 years. During this period, the club managed to win a lot of prizes. This is how the club won:

  • 24 x the national title
  • 9 x the KNVB cup
  • 11 x the Johan Cruijff bowl
  • 1x the European Cup I
  • 1x the UEFA cup

It is an honors list to be proud of as a club and supporters!

PSV icons on a PSV poster

When we talk about real PSV icons we often talk about players like; Romario, Ronaldo, Mateja Kežman, Willy van der Kuijlen, Van Nistelrooij, Phillip Cocu, Mark van Bommel and so on. You can also find these icons on a PSV poster !

Romario and Ronaldo were able to trick and show their heels like no other opponents. They were kings when it came to dribbling. Kežman, van der Kuijlen and Van Nistelrooij were the real killers. They could finish like no other and scored goal after goal. Willy van der Kuijlen even holds the record for most goals in one season (43) due to his great performance in the 1956/1957 season. He also had the funny nickname Skiete Willie because of his hard shot.
PSV poster Phillip Cocu and Mark van Bommel have always been the real leaders and engines of the PSV teams. They always ensured that the team was in good shape and led the team to victory. Where Cocu was a bit more masterminded with great passes, Van Bommel was the sloper who captured all the balls for the team.

Van Bommel was known for often committing violations and here and there also made a hard violation to set the tone. He always made war with the opponents and that was certainly not always appreciated by the opponent.

These icons are still honored and sung to in Eindhoven. Both on and off the field. They are immensely popular and will always have a special place in Eindhoven's hearts.

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What a fantastic atmosphere!

The Philips Stadium is the home of PSV. There is always a fantastic atmosphere here when PSV has to play a match. Let alone when they play a European home game. Then the atmosphere is really not normal, supporters with flags and banners throughout the stadium shouting their club to victory.

It is a friendly atmosphere that is led by the drum guy who is in the middle of the hard core. Here and there a beer is drunk to experience that match with even more fun and emotion.

You should definitely have been to a European match or top match if you are a PSV fan. These are the most fun matches to participate in and also the most exciting. You will only have been to a win like the 10-0 against Feyenoord. You don't want to miss that, do you? Or a last-minute goal that makes you go crazy.

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Those are the beautiful moments in football that you should not miss. So make sure you visit one of these competitions. Would you like a PSV poster of this beautiful stadium? Then go to the Eindhoven collection of Walljar and order your favorite!