Plexiglas schilderijen ophangen

Have you ordered a plexiglass painting from us, but you don't know how to hang it? In this blog we tell you that hanging plexiglass is easy to achieve without destroying your wall.

The Plexiglas hanging system

Hang Plexiglass paintings For wall decoration made of Plexiglas, we work with a suspension system of steel spacers with drill holes. If you have never done this before, this can seem quite tricky, but if you follow the following step-by-step plan, little can go wrong.

Hanging supplies plexiglass

When hanging a plexiglass you will only need a few things:

✓The supplied suspension system (steel spacers)

Drilling Machine

✓ Spirit level

✓ Pencil

Hanging Plexiglass: how do you proceed?

  1. The plexiglass is already provided with holes when you receive it, so you do not have to drill it yourself.
  2. It is of course so nice to hang your plexiglass painting straight. Therefore, use a spirit level to straighten the markings. Mark the two drill points on the wall with a pencil and spirit level.
  3. Now drill the holes at the marked places and attach the suspension system .
  4. Now simply hang the plexiglass painting on the wall with the spacers!

Tips for hanging a plexiglass

Plexiglass paintings look best at eye level.

Avoid direct sunlight: Prolonged exposure to sunlight may cause colors to fade.

Plexiglas is extremely suitable for hanging outside. Just make sure there is no direct exposure to the elements!
Hang Plexiglass paintings

Buy your plexiglass painting now

Plexiglass is a material with which you can create beautiful works. That is why we are very enthusiastic that we work with this. We have various collections of Plexiglas paintings ready for you to decorate your walls with. Click here to take a look at our webshop and order your favorite plexiglass painting now !

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