Paarse schilderijen

The color purple is a very special and special color. You don't see purple paintings that much in everyday life. It really is a unique color. Here and there a purple flower but then you have seen it. You can also see that the color is not often used in the interior of houses, business premises and public buildings.

This is because people often do not know how to match the color purple and purple paintings with the rest of their interior. A great example of purple paintings is '' Starry Night Mingsha Mountain '' from Walljar's landscape collection . Read on below to learn how to match these beautifully!

A unique color

Purple is generally only used for special achievements, ribbons, prizes and occasions. For example, you will see someone in a purple dress faster at a wedding than on a normal working day. But purple is not only unique in clothing, purple is also rarely seen in video games and jewelry such as diamonds. For example, it is something rare from a game and you have to put in a lot of effort to get it.

The association with purple

The purple color is additionally associated with expensive and rich. This is evident from history. For example, the higher classes in the Roman Empire always wore purple garments. The color was also widely used in royal houses over the centuries. It was a color that was not easy to get and that was expensive to make.

Purple paintings in your interior!

Processing the color purple in your interior can be very beautiful, but you have to do this in the right way. For example, purple is a very dominant color that you can certainly not use too much in a room. For example, you can use more purple in a larger room than in a smaller room.

purple paintings

So try, for example, to incorporate a purple rug, a purple duvet, purple paintings or a purple sofa in your interior. It is therefore important that you choose one of these items and not all!

Can be combined with the colours...

You can then combine these purple items well with pink, yellow, white or gray. These are the colors that go really well with purple. Pink together with purple is a lot more feminine while gray or white together with purple is quite neutral. Yellow, on the other hand, is very modern in combination with purple. It just depends on your taste!

And what about purple walls?

As for the walls, they can be painted purple but the same goes for the purple items: not too much in a small room! In addition, a dark purple on the wall is very heavy and overloading. We therefore recommend that you only partially paint the wall purple. A light purple , on the other hand, works fine on an entire wall.

purple paintings purple paintings

Of course you can also choose to hang purple paintings on the wall instead of painting your wall purple. A beautiful example is the '' Syringa vulgari '' from the flower collection . Don't wait any longer and order it now!

Do you also think purple paintings are so beautiful?

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