Kurk muur maken

It remains a struggle: what do you do with that empty wall? We have a new solution: make a cork wall! Our tastes are constantly changing, so we always want something different. Nowadays you see the cork wall more and more and you can personalize the wall yourself. Read in this blog some tips to do this!

New trend

Making a cork wall is a recurring trend, cork was extremely popular in the 1970s. In any case, we are excited that the cork wall is back in fashion these days! The material cork gives a real retro feeling to your interior!

Advantages cork wall

Making your own cork wall offers many advantages, including durability! The cork wall consists of remnants of wine corks and champagne corks, these are vegetable materials. Because these residues are reused, it is also sustainable.

In addition, a cork wall is sound-absorbing, so that the acoustics are better in the room. It has an insulating effect and everything is easy to adjust to your taste!
Cork wall making

Cork wall making on the wall

You can make a cork wall by using cork tiles or cork wallpaper. This is easy to apply by cutting it to the correct size. To make a cork wall you will need the following supplies:

  • a box cutter
  • a glue roller
  • a paint tray
  • a brush

Make sure that the cork has been in the room where you are going to hang it for at least 48 hours. Pour the cork glue into the paint tray and spread the glue on the wall and the back of the cork with the glue roller. Then stick the cork to the wall. The beginning of your cork wall is here!

Cork Wall Decorating

Now that the cork is attached to the wall, you can really start making the cork wall ! Because the wallpapering was only the beginning, now you can completely decorate and personalize the cork wall to your own taste.

Tip for making your own cork wall

You must have had a bulletin board, where you pinned all kinds of things because you liked it, you had to remember something, or because you had a nice memory of it. Your cork wall is actually a bulletin board, but many sizes bigger! See below some inspiration tips that you can use to decorate your own cork wall:

1. Photos

What could be more personal than pinning photos to your own cork wall? Exactly, find your favorite photos of your family, friends or a nice holiday and pin them on the wall.

2. Posters

To create atmosphere on your cork wall, beautiful and high-quality posters are a nice option to fill the wall. Which poster you like and fit well with the rest of the wall is completely up to you! Below we have placed some of our black and white bestsellers. View our entire poster collection here !


3. Pendulum

Life is a party, you just have to hang the garlands yourself! Take this very literally, and find a nice garland to hang on your own cork wall. This way you immediately become happy when you look at your own cork wall!

4. Personal Items

You can make your own cork wall by making it very personal. Walk around your house and look for things that you can hang on the wall. Please note: this cannot be heavy stuff, otherwise it will fall off the wall. Think of things such as beautiful pendants, a dream catcher or a mirror. Be creative, it's your wall after all!
Cork wall making

Last tip for making your own cork wall

Walk back a few steps so you can see the cork wall. Maybe you can add a few more decorations? Then take a look at our poster collection !

Tips & tricks