Herfst decoratie

The changing of the seasons has arrived. The fresh autumn air hangs in the air with leaves falling from the trees and you can feel the cozy atmosphere everywhere. It's time to replace your home decor with something more in tune with the fall vibes. Here are some ideas for some fun fall decoration in your home!

1. Cozy lights in and outside the house

Warm light is a real mood maker! If you have a fireplace in the living room, you can of course turn it on to create the real autumn atmosphere. But if you don't have this, you can also get candles at home to create coziness. In addition to candles, outdoor lighting is also a good option for autumn decoration .
Autumn decoration

2. Autumn decoration: new pillows and blankets

Fall is a time to snuggle up with that book you've been wanting to read all summer, or catch up on the TV shows you've missed over the past few months! What could be better than snuggling up under a blanket against the pillows with warm food next to you?!

So why not replace those old pillows and blankets with something more comfortable and cosy? Cushions and blankets in beautiful orange, brown or yellow autumn colors will immediately make a change in your living room or bedroom. In addition, on a not too cold day, you can put the blankets and pillows outside to use as extra seating when guests come or just so she looks nice when there is no visitors. It never hurts to add a little fall decoration before winter comes.

Autumn decoration

3. Flowers, leaves and chestnuts as autumn decoration

But not everything has to change with the seasons. The cup of coffee on these cool mornings tastes better than ever, especially if you take the time to sit by the window and watch the changing colors outside! Why not bring in some flowers or leaves from the garden? Or get some new flowers on the market to put in your home? A beautiful fall bouquet can brighten up any room and delight everyone who sees it. Fall leaves are one of the favorites these days because they always seem to have such interesting shapes! A beautiful bouquet of leaves can give any room the feeling of the fall season.

Tip! Do you have a chestnut tree nearby? Collect chestnuts and use them as fall decoration !
Autumn decoration

4. Autumn Posters

Have you hung the same wall art for years? Then it's time for something new. Buy some frames and change the posters with the seasons. Discover our poster collection now!

So what are you waiting for?

The outdoors already have a fall scent and there's no reason we shouldn't let our homes do the same! Give these fall decoration ideas a try!

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