Hal inrichten

Decorating the hall is a very important element in your home! It is the space where you and visitors get the first impression of the rest of the house. Unfortunately, not always attention is paid to the hall and it is really decorated last. Or people don't know exactly what to do with the hall. It's time to change this! We have listed easy tips and tricks for you, which makes furnishing the hall a breeze.

#1 White is the base

You can go in many directions with the hall , but it all starts with the color. White is always good! No matter how large your hall is, white walls make your hall appear larger. This also applies to other light shades. In addition, white and light colors give an open and pleasant appearance. This is positive, as you come in here. Dark shades, on the other hand, give a smaller feel. Often this is not what people want.

#2 Light up your hall !

A point that is very important when furnishing the hall is the light in the hall . Ask yourself what atmosphere you want to create. Do you want to go for a romantic or cozy hall ? Then choose a slightly softer and warmer light. Or do you want to go for a light hall ? Then choose a brighter lamp or spotlights.
furnishing hall What is always recommended is a dimmer in the hall , so that you can properly adjust the light to the right atmosphere and circumstances. Another recommendation is to place different lights and lamps. For example, go for a table lamp on a cupboard and a large 'main' light, or combine spotlights with another large light, so that you have different light options from different angles in the hall .

#3 Mirrors make more room

Mirrors create an optically more spacious hall . You can go in many directions with mirrors, this depends entirely on the space of the hall and the interior. It is nice to hang one large mirror, or several small mirrors for a playful effect! For the most spacious effect in the hall , it is best to hang the mirror on the long wall.

#4 Decorating the hall: floors

There are a lot of different floors. The choice you make in terms of floor will make the hall appear larger or smaller. That is why we recommend that you keep the floor quiet when furnishing the hall. Neutral tones and floors make the hall appear larger. Do you have a narrow hall ? Then it works well to lay out the floor horizontally, to make the hall appear wider.

Another tip to make the hall look bigger is to paint the baseboards the same color as the floor. This makes the floor appear larger and gives a more spacious effect.

#5 Unpack with wall decoration in the hall!

When decorating the hall you can get creative with everything, including wall decoration. In addition, you can create a cool gallery wall in the wall of art posters and prints . There is a huge range of art for the wall. You can create a personal photo wall with different posters and prints, which is great fun! For example, with a personal gallery wall you can hang pictures with friends and family, or with your partner! So you always think of your loved ones when you come home and when you leave.

In addition, you can of course also add existing art to the hall! Take a look at our collections here and maybe your hall will look completely cool soon!
furnishing hall

#6 Use plants or flowers

Isn't it wonderful to come in and smell the scent of fresh flowers or plants? It not only smells good, but is also a nice decoration to decorate the hall . Plants and flowers give a cheerful and natural impression. If you have a smaller hall, it is very nice to place flowers in a vase on a side table, or on the floor in a larger vase. If you have a large hall, you can use several plants or use large accessories to put the flowers in.

Are you not very good at maintaining flowers and plants? Then take a look at our flower and plant collection , so you have nice wall decoration in the hall without having to look at it! furnishing hall

#7 Use space wisely

A hall can be small or larger, but in most cases remains a space that must be used well. In addition to a nice first impression of the house, most people want to have a hallway that is practical and where people can hang their coats. There are many different ways to create spaces within a hall. In addition to putting up a coat rack, you can also attach one to the wall.

Storage baskets are also useful for furnishing the hall. These are available in many different shapes and sizes. You can store baskets on a shelf above the coat rack, but also on a cupboard. It just depends on what's further down the hall . Think smartly about furnishing the hall and everything will fall into place!

#8 Chests or cupboards do well in the hall

The hall is a transit zone, which means that you are there for a short time and your guests do not 'stay' there. This means that it is especially important that the hall gives a good first impression and is practically furnished.

The hall is often used as storage space for coats and shoes. The use of a chest or cupboard (with or without drawers) is very convenient and looks nice. Choose furniture that looks nice and has storage space. This way you can store your things unseen. In addition, you can of course put a nice vase or other accessories on the furniture for decoration.

Decorate the hall with our collection!

We hope that you can get started with our tips and that decorating the hall has been made easier for you. Have you become curious about our wall decoration for the hall? Then click here !