Den Bosch activiteiten

In this blog we tell you about the best Den Bosch activities that the city has to offer. When doing these activities you will also see the most beautiful places in Den Bosch. We have put these on a painting for you. Find your favorite and order it in our Den Bosch collection !

1. Take a beautiful walk through Den Bosch

Take a beautiful walk through the city of Den Bosch and enjoy the beautiful old town. You can even choose to take a tour with a guide. This one can tell you a lot more about the history of Den Bosch and its most beautiful monuments and places. Have you come across Den Bosch activities that you really love, such as the Korte Putstraat, the City Hall or the Binnendieze? Then go to the collection of Den Bosch and buy your painting !

After this walk you can relax with a delicious Bossche bol and a cup of coffee. A Bossche bol is the delicacy of Den Bosch that you really have to taste once! So don't wait any longer and enjoy your day in Den Bosch together with family or friends.

2. Main stage Brabanthallen

To name a few other Den Bosch activities, the city has the largest mainstage in the south of the Netherlands in the Brabanthallen. Several performances and events of both music and theater performances take place here every year. The offer is very extensive. So if you like a good performance or party then this is for you!

While you are on your way to this mainstage you will pass a number of beautiful buildings such as the Moriaan, Stadium De Vliert and the Noordbrabants museum. These are available as paintings by Den Bosch in Walljar's Den Bosch collection . Order your favorite Den Bosch painting now!

3. A tour of St. John's Cathedral

When you are in Den Bosch, you should definitely take a look at the gigantic St. John's Cathedral. When you enter the church you will be amazed by the beautiful interior of St. John's Cathedral. You can also get a tour from a guide who can tell you more about the fascinating stories about the history of this church.

Painting Den Bosch

You can also walk around this church to see its imposing size. The church is built in the Gothic style and has beautiful shapes and figures for you to enjoy. Do you absolutely love these Den Bosch activities? Then order your painting of St. John's Cathedral in our Den Bosch collection!

Have you found your Den Bosch activities?

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