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Claude Monet: he is seen as the founder of Impressionism, a new art movement. His art can be seen all over the world and is much loved. Of course you also want to have his art hanging in your home! This is possible with the famous painters collection, including Monet posters by Walljar. You can read all about Claude Monet and our collection in this blog!

Claude Monet: how it started

Claude Monet was born in Paris in 1840. Monet started painting landscapes at the age of 24. Here he tried to capture the current state of the environment, showing with his works of art that the same environment looks different at different times of the day.

Monet's works of art caused a lot of art criticism, which led to impressionism. This new art movement was characterized by the fact that the painting was captured on everyday reality. Attention was paid to the incidence of light, the use of color and a sketch-like painting method was also used.

Monet poster on your wall!

Thus Claude Monet created one work of art after another. At Walljar we have some of his most popular artworks as Monet poster :

• Claude monet poster - Sunflowers

Monet took inspiration from his garden in Vétheuil by painting The Sunflowers in 1880. On this Sunflowers Monet poster , the focus is not only on the sunflowers themselves, but also on the entire composition.

Monet poster

• Claude monet poster - Monet's Garden In Vétheuil

Monet's Garden At Vétheuil is a popular Monet poster . He wanted to capture his garden, which was growing rapidly, before he left. The painting depicts Michel Monet and Jean-Pierre Hoschedé. Because they are painted on the artwork, it is clear to see how large the garden actually was. In addition, Monet experimented here with several techniques through the use of color and the incidence of light.

Monet poster

• Claude monet poster - The Beach

The Beach And The Falaise D'Amont was painted in 1885 by Monet when he took his two children and Alice Hoschedé with her six children on a working holiday off the coast of Normandy. Here Monet painted no fewer than 51 works of art. This Monet poster clearly shows the time of day and the incidence of light.

Monet poster

• Claude monet poster - Terrace In Sainte-Adresse

In 1897 Monet leaves for his family in Sainte-Adresse with money worries. Here he made a series of paintings of this seaside resort. This Terrace In Sainte-Adresse Monet poster shows the terrace overlooking the sea.

Monet poster

• Claude monet poster - Japanese Footbridge

In 1899, Monet moved to a house near Giverny. Here he made his own lake with water lilies, which was a great source of inspiration for him. For example, he has made several paintings with water lilies where there was a clear difference to be seen at what time of day it was painted. This is clearly visible on this Monet poster called The Japanese Footbridge .

Monet poster

• Claude monet poster - Water Lilies

This Water Lilies Monet poster is typical of many works of art he has created. He loved to paint the water lilies that grew in his garden. This artwork was made in 1906 and beautifully shows the reflection of the trees.

Monet poster

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Hang your favorite Monet poster on the wall now!

Each Monet poster has its own story of how Monet was inspired to paint the artwork. Whether you prefer De Tuin Van Monet In Vétheuil or The Japanese Footbridge, each poster gives your home a unique look! Choose your favorite Monet poster from our famous painters collection and hang it on the wall.