Bohemian kinderkamer

Are you decorating the nursery ? Nice! If you are already familiar with the bohemian living style, you know that this is one of the coziest living styles. So why not create a bohemian nursery?! In this blog we explain how to make this:

What is a bohemian living style?

A bohemian living style is characterized by combining many different colours, patterns and textures. This living style has influences from different countries, Eastern and Moroccan are the most common in the boho style. It's a real worldly style and because of this every element in a bohemian nursery has a nice story!
bohemian nursery

Step 1: Choose the right colors

The colors in a bohemian nursery are very important. You don't want it to get too busy in the environment where your child also needs to be able to sleep peacefully. So choose a color palette! It is best to give the walls a calm white/nude color and go wild with the accessories. These are much easier to replace. The following Flex Creations colors will look very nice on the walls:

3007: Cotton Flower Flexa Creations
3009: Crispy Biscuit Flexa Creations
3016: Sandy Beach Flexa Creations
bohemian nursery

Step 2: The materials and furniture in a bohemian nursery

Suitable furniture in a bohemian nursery should of course not be missing. You create the bohemian atmosphere by combining different natural materials with bohemian accents. Reed, rattan, velvet, brass and wooden items are common in this interior. When you look at the furniture in a bohemian nursery , you often see the following elements:

  • A velvet side chair where you can read a book with your child.
  • Jute rugs that your child can play on.
  • Wicker baskets to store the toys.
  • Wooden cot or bed with a soft blanket in it.
  • Rattan hanging lamps with a dimmer so that you can manage the light in the room.
  • A natural clothes rack: make a clothes rack from nature by finding a large branch in the forest and hanging your child's clothes on it (this is also a super fun outing to do with your child).
  • Wooden cabinets to store all other items.

Enough ways to bring the natural atmosphere into your home!
bohemian nursery

Step 3: The Accessories

There are many different options when it comes to accessories. In addition to the discussed nude colors, green tones also come back a lot in a bohemian nursery and especially in the accessories. Think of green cushions, plants, wall decoration etc.

A combination of rattan and soft items

Rattan mirrors, baskets and lamps are also good additions to a bohemian nursery . In addition to all natural elements, soft colored items are also a must in this interior. Think of colored pillows, blankets, toys and rugs.

Climbing ropes in the nursery

Do you want to make a real creative bohemian nursery ? Then make climbing ropes or swings in the nursery. Below you can see how several climbing ropes are hung in a children's room. The perfect way to let your child play sweetly for hours!
bohemian nursery

Wall decoration in a bohemian nursery

To complete the bohemian nursery , you can hang different types of wall decoration. Macrame woven wall hangings, wall stickers, wallpaper and framed posters are all the rage! Discover the best children's posters here .

Time to get started!

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