Boekenplank ideeën

Bookshelf ideas can be creative and fun, while still keeping your bookcase clutter-free and calm. Start organizing your bookshelf: group similar genres together, sort the titles by size or stack them vertically, like in a library! With these bookshelf ideas below you can make your bookshelf the showpiece of the room!

Tip 1: Bookshelf position

Create a book lover's paradise in any room with careful placement of the bookshelf! For an optimal overview, hang the shelf above your bed, desk or sofa to make books and accessories clearly visible. Put multiple shelves together for maximum effect - think of it as creating a living library wall full of treasures that will delight you every time you enter the room.
Bookshelf ideas

Tip 2: Organize books

There are many ways to organize the books on your bookshelf:

  • For example, you can put the books in alphabetical order or sort them by author.
  • Another, but certainly a nice option, is to sort the books by color, for example.
  • Or put the books back to front. Arranging them this way will give your bookshelf a refreshing and organized look.
  • One last tip is to alternate between lying and standing the books.

The bookshelf ideas are endless!

Tip 3: Calming appearance

Bookcases are so much more than just storage space - creating tranquility on your bookshelf can be a fun and creative way to showcase your hobbies, interests and favorite reading. Bookshelf ideas range from the traditional library look to wall-hung styles. Arranging books by color or size is not only visually appealing, but it also keeps the room clutter-free, making it easier to find what you're looking for. You can even add an extra cozy feel with small accessories such as picture frames or potted plants as a homely addition to any shelf. Whether you want an organized workspace or a touch of style in your living room, creating tranquility on the bookshelf is sure to bring a lot of charm!
Bookshelf ideas

Tip 4: Bookshelf ideas: decoration

Once everything is in order, you can get creative - add decorative washi tape borders to the shelf, paint it in bright colors or even sprinkle a little fairy dust. Personalize your bookcase with figurines of your favorite characters, sculptures and picture frames - everything you need to make your bookshelf stand out! You can't think of it that crazy, everything looks nice on a bookshelf. Make sure you don't put too much down, because this will look messy again.
Bookshelf ideas

Tip 5: Personal touch

You can make the layout of your bookshelf as personal as you want! In addition to decoration that you can put down, you can also put up a nice framed photo or a statue that you have a nice memory of. This kind of stuff with a story behind it ensures that the bookshelf gets a personal touch and that way you make it completely your own and unique!

Tip 6: Bookshelf ideas: posters

Give your bookshelf a playful, personal touch! Make it unique by linking two or more posters of different sizes and colours. Be creative - the possibilities are endless if you let your imagination run wild!

Final check for your bookshelf

You should now have arranged your bookshelf the way you like it! Now walk a few steps back and look at the bookshelf from a distance. Check whether the balance between the books and all the decorations is correct. Congratulations on your transformed and redesigned bookshelf!

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