Wanddecoratie blauw

Curious about the meaning of the color blue and why it is a beautiful color to take into your home as a wall decoration? We will tell you more about it and give you stylish inspiration to spice up your interior a bit!

The meaning of the color blue

Blue is the color of the sky and the sea and is often associated with water and peace. The color symbolizes confidence, wisdom, loyalty, self-assurance, intelligence, faith and heaven.

The color blue is also seen as a favorable color for the mind and body; it slows down the human metabolism which provides a soothing effect! Blue wall decoration is therefore also a suitable color for the study or office, because it encourages higher productivity.

Asian blue wall decoration

Wall decoration blue

The paintings within the Asia collection help you to dream away to a beautiful place. Within the collection you can find different prints with beautiful blue colors that give your spaces a real dream atmosphere! Whether you are someone who enjoys trekking in mountains and appreciate a mountain print or someone who likes to sit by the water or float on a boat, these prints are a must-have!

Paintings with blue waters

Wall decoration blue

If you are looking for a calming blue wall decoration, paintings with water are the best. The wind in your hair, the cold water on your skin and the sand between your toes. Water is a source of life, the earth consists mainly of it and we are largely made up of it. This blue wall decoration will make you dream away to that wonderful holiday destination far away or those wonderful days at the beach here in the Netherlands. You can find the prints in our landscape collection !

Paintings with pastel blue tones

Wall decoration blue

Do you prefer pastel colors? These soft colors can feel very nostalgic and take you back to the days when you were a kid. Pastel colors are often used in children's toys, clothes and rooms. They can give you a sense of comfort and security; very special!

These pastel blue wall decorations come from the movie scene collection : a collection full of iconic scenes from various popular movies!


Are you going for blue wall decoration?

Is blue wall decoration what you want to go for? Good choice! Check out all our prints soon!