Kijk binnen bij Susanne: een gezellige woning met geel als uitgangspunt - Walljar

As a small child she was already busy creating atmosphere in her bedroom, now it is her job. She lives in Bavel where the color yellow can be found everywhere in the interior. Take a look at Susanne's home!

A cozy home in Bavel

Susanne is 40 years old and lives with her three children in a cozy and child-friendly neighborhood in Bavel. The house dates from 2003. Susanne received the key in the summer of 2014.

How it started

Since childhood, Susanne has been busy creating atmosphere, especially in the space in which she is located. '' As a child in my own bedroom and for years in my own homes I have been working on this. I have now turned my passion into my profession and I work full-time as an interior stylist.” She now owns the company Nieuwenhuis Interieurstyling & Advies .

Living style from feeling

We asked Susanne how she would describe her living style. '' In the first years I started to create from my own taste and I did this mainly from feeling. I like peace and color. My lifestyle also reflects this. Rest in the basic colors and an extension of these nuances in the interior. I choose contrasting colors that I can adjust, for example in cushions, rugs and accessories. So I see my living style as various living styles that are reflected in my interior. And that's mostly just my own style."

Formation of the interior

Susanne's interior was not ready immediately after the move. ''With us, over the years, something has been added again and again, such as a new kitchen and floor last year. Our taste has become more and more visible over the years.”

Inside viewer

In the photo you see poster T his kitchen is for dancing.

Crazy about yellow

What is often reflected in her interior is the color yellow. ''I love yellow, my favorite color. This was the starting point, a soft and warm whole.” That is how Susanne came to the color palette of her interior. Susanne's favorite place in the house is the round dining table. ''It's a cozy place to be together.'' In addition, Susanne's favorite home decoration is currently mainly pots with plants, because this gives so much coziness.

Look inside: @casa_mi_su

In the photo you see poster Champagne Line Art

Styling tips for wall decoration

We asked Susanne if she has any styling tips for wall decoration for the interior. ''Above all, stick to your personal taste and wishes for your own home. I think it's mainly about creating your own atmosphere."

  • Not sure what suits you? Then look for inspirational images that appeal to you.
  • Do you prefer round shapes or tight shapes?
  • Do you prefer images with color or calm tones?

''Put this all together, so that you know what the wall decoration will look like for you. Then look at the room where the wall decoration will hang. Is it a quiet base? For example, choose several posters/frames together. Do you like modern? Then hang them in straight lines. Can it be a little playful? Then hang them at varying heights. Is the base a bit busier, for example due to furniture, color and/or accessories? Then choose one beautiful poster/frame! We often think a lot is beautiful, so put all your wishes through a funnel, so that you can make a good choice!''

Inside viewer Walljar

On the photo above you see the poster White gloves.

From bedroom to own company

From creating atmosphere in the bedroom in her parental home to working as an interior stylist at her own company Nieuwenhuis Interieurstyling & Advice . On Instagram she shares beautiful photos of her own interior via @casa_mi_su and on @nieuwenhuisinterieur she takes you into her life as an interior stylist.