Studeerkamer inrichten

Have you just moved into rooms and are studying hard in your new room? But does this room still look a bit gloomy? Then decorate your room with wall decoration ! Decorating your study with these simple steps is a breeze.

Step 1: Decorate the study with a theme

Your study room must of course match your personality. At Walljar you can choose from different themes, we will explain a few of them:

nature lover

Are you a real nature lover and would you prefer to always surround yourself with beautiful trees, plants or flowers? Then the nature collection is really something for you. Due to their green color, these natural posters will make your study place look fresher and your focus will increase.

The traveller

Do you prefer to make city trips or beautiful trips all year round? Then the architecture collection is a good fit. You will certainly have done your internship abroad and let's just say we have a large collection of famous architecture in cities. Discover all the designs of this collection here.

The creative person

Are you someone with a creative mind and do you want some more color to come back? Then the famous painters collection is a good addition to your study. In this collection you will see many colours, shapes and styles. These posters are nevertheless easy to combine with each other!
Furnish study room

Step 2: Decorate the study with your favorite designs and accessories

Now that you know which theme suits you, you can choose your favorite design. Of course you can also choose several and make a nice gallery wall. Combine the new posters with the accessories that match your theme. This way you make furnishing a study really a breeze! The accessories may differ per theme:

nature lover

  • This way, as a nature lover, you can have different plants return to your study.
  • Use natural materials on your desk: rattan or wicker baskets.


  • Return all your collected souvenirs to the study.

  • Find the nicest mini globe to place on your desk. This will remind you every day of the most beautiful journeys you have made.

creative person

  • Combine your gallery wall with mirrors, wall hangings and calendars.
  • Hang up a whiteboard where you can write your to do list.

Furnish study room

Step 3: Organize your desk

Your desk now looks super cozy! But of course you also have to study. It has been proven that you work more effectively with a tidy desk. Organize your desk easily with the following tips :

1. Place a container for pens and markers and throw away the ones that no longer work!

2. Give your phone charger and laptop charger a permanent place on your desk. This way you never have to look for your charger in the middle of a meeting or online lesson.

3. Use digital documents as much as possible, so you don't have any loose junk on your desk. Do you still have some papers? Then store it in a document holder.

4. Then one last tip: organize your desk immediately after your study day. Don't leave it until tomorrow. Because an empty and tidy desk means a tidy mind at the end of the day.

Furnish study room

Start decorating the study room !

Have you already chosen a theme? Top! Then take a look at our wall decoration collections and find your favorite poster to decorate your study!