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‘’The Erasmus bridge'' Rotterdam wall decoration - Walljar

In the centre of Rotterdam you will find the most famous bridge of the Netherlands, the Erasmus Bridge. The Erasmus bridge is the bridge over the river Nieuwe Maas in the port of Rotterdam and is named after the Dutch priest and humanist Erasmus. The bridge connects the district Kop van Zuid with the city center on the north side of the river. The bridge is also known as 'the swan', because of the shapes and lines of the construction it looks like a swan is floating on the river Meuse.

We came up with the design of this print because The Erasmus Bridge is the icon of the city of Rotterdam. With the painting of The Erasmus Bridge on the wall you can enjoy one of the most spectacular bridges in the world. Show that you appreciate Rotterdam with a beautiful photo of The Erasmus Bridge on the wall.

History of The Erasmus Bridge

To get from North to South and the other way around you had to drive over the Noordereiland or through the Maastunnel. This had to change, the Erasmus bridge designed by Ben van Berkel had to become the connecting point between the 'Kop van Zuid' and the centre on the north side of the river. On September 4, 1996 the Erasmus bridge was completed during the official opening by Queen Beatrix. The construction of the bridge cost 165 million.

After the completion of the bridge it appeared that the road surface became unstable when it rained and from wind force 6. The raindrops caused a wrong side view of the ropes, which made the bridge more sensitive to wind. After extensive research they were able to solve this by applying shock absorbers.

The contrast between South and North

The Kop van Zuid is a neighbourhood in Rotterdam which is mainly in the grip of renewal, but here you also experience the industrial past with the present buildings such as Hotel New York. When you cross the bridge to North you'll find yourself between elegant buildings but also in the historic neighbourhood of Rotterdam. In the Veerhaven and Delfshaven you will experience the pre-war atmosphere of Rotterdam. The best way to discover this is by bike, over 12.000 cyclists a day cycle over the Erasmus bridge.

Architecture of the Erasmus bridge

In addition to the fact that the bridge is very practical, it also has a very interesting architecture. Including the largest and heaviest bascule bridge in Western Europe. The Erasmus bridge also called ''De Zwaan'' has a:
- Length of 802 m
- Width of 33,8 m
- 284 meters long cable-stayed bridge.
- 139 meters high bent asymmetric steel pylon.
- 89 meters long bascule bridge for ships that can't pass under the cable-stayed bridge.
- A weight of 6800 tons

Activities around The Erasmus bridge

The Erasmus bridge is of course a perfect location for events. Around the iconic bridge, events such as the Red Bull Air Race Rotterdam and the World Port Days take place. During this maritime event attention is paid to the famous port of Rotterdam. Rotterdam has the largest port of Europe. The bridge has also been part of the course of the Rotterdam Marathon since 1996, it used to run over the Willemsbrug. In addition, the bridge was also part of the route of the Tour de France in 2010.

Specifications of the prints

The design of The Erasmus Bridge is available in different colors including blue, grey, green, orange and red. You can choose from the material canvas or plexiglass, these materials are available in different sizes:

- Canvas
30 x 40 cm, 40 x 60 cm, 60 x 90 cm, 75 x 100 cm, 80 x 120 cm.

  • Plexiglass
    30 x 40 cm, 40 x 60 cm, 60 x 90 cm, 75 x 100 cm, 80 x 120 cm, 120 x 180 cm, 180 x 240 cm.

    The prints are printed in the Netherlands according to the highest quality standards. We work with partners who consider quality to be of the highest standard.


Are you looking for wall decoration for your (home) office, bedroom or living room? The design of the Erasmus Bridge is not only impressive in real life but also certainly as a painting on the wall. Would you like to have this artwork on the walls then you can use the Erasmusbrug online kopen. Read more about Rotterdam or check out our Rotterdam collection.

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