Landelijke slaapkamer

You see the country bedroom more and more and we understand this all too well! In a world that seems to be getting more chaotic by the minute, a country bedroom exudes peace and warmth. But how exactly do you furnish such a bedroom and which materials and accessories go with it. We would like to give you some inspiration and have therefore listed a few things for you.

What makes a country bedroom ?

The tones that you will find in a country bedroom are the neutral colors white, gray and brown. Use light colors for the floor and ceiling, but avoid really sterile white. Opt for beige, gray and brown instead. Choose the matt version of these colors for a real rural effect.

Matt white/grey is often used for the wall in a country bedroom, while brown is reflected in the accessories and furniture. This appears to have the best effect when you want to create a rural atmosphere.

The showpiece of the rural bedroom

The center of any bedroom is, of course, the bed! For a rural look you want to buy a large bed. Large beds give a wonderfully comfortable vibe and you want to create this in a rural design. As a bed, choose a box spring or another type of bed with white tones or one with wood. These provide a lot of peace and warmth.

The accessories for a country bedroom

There are many options for decorating a country bedroom. This way you can choose to put down some plants. You can also use other natural materials such as wicker baskets, candles and candlesticks. It is also a great idea to place a fireplace in a country bedroom . Furthermore, you can of course create atmosphere with the curtains. Lightly tinted curtains are perfect to give your bedroom a fresh look, if you want to create warmth, try hanging dark curtains.
Country bedroom

Use art to create a rural atmosphere

Have you ever thought about using art to create the atmosphere in your bedroom that you want? We recommend that you take a look at our wall decoration collections to add color to your country bedroom . We have beautiful prints ready for you as wall decoration that give your interior a beautiful natural atmosphere and bring your interior even more to life.

The prints bring coziness to the bedroom. For example, hang a print in your bedroom with a saying that motivates you every morning and inspires you to get the most out of the day.

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