Kleine tuin inrichten

Are you planning to create a small garden? When you only have a limited amount of space, it can be difficult to furnish it practical, but also cozy. We give you some tips to help you with this. From plants and furniture to nice decorations for your small garden!

Setting up a small garden : the preparation

If you are going to set up a small garden , good preparation is important. Before you start, it is useful to think carefully about how you want to use your small garden . Do you like greenery and are you a fan of gardening, or do you prefer to relax in the sun with a drink and a book? Do you have to take children into account, or can you go for an elegant garden without children playing?

In addition, it is useful to check where the sun mainly shines and where there is shade. This way you know exactly where you can place a seating area in or outside the sun. You also immediately know where to place plants. They will bloom more beautiful and better if they are in the sun!

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Decorating a small garden

Making a small garden look big

If you are going to design a small garden , you probably want to make the garden look as large as possible. You can tackle this in different ways. We give you 3 helpful tips.

1. A Variety of Materials

If you only have tiles in your small garden , you can quickly get tired of it. But when you have some grass, a wooden terrace, some tiles and a gravel path, your garden immediately has a much more interesting appearance!

2. A Variety of Shapes

Gardens in the Netherlands are often a rectangular piece of land. You are therefore probably inclined to arrange your small garden in straight lines, but this is not necessary at all. In addition to straight shapes, consider round shapes for variety and a playful effect. Round shapes help to make your garden look bigger!

3. Height differences in your small garden

Height differences in the garden help to visually enlarge your small garden . This is because you cannot record the entire garden in one go, you have to look closely and you may even want to go to the height difference to discover it. For example, you can take a raised terrace or build a raised pond.
Decorating a small garden

Planting in a small garden

No matter how small your garden may be, a garden cannot do without plants. Even if you have little land available, there are various solutions for having greenery in your small garden . Think, for example, of vertical gardening: you can do this with a ladder, wooden pallets, a plant rack or other wall systems for the garden. You might even consider creating a complete plant wall. This will be a real eye-catcher, without it being at the expense of space!

If you want plants that look beautiful all year round, choose plants that are evergreen and hardy. In addition, it is useful to take into account the amount of time you want to spend gardening. If you want plants but you don't feel like it or don't have enough time for maintenance, choose plants with a compact, tidy shape that are easy to maintain.

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Decorating a small garden

Decorating a small garden with garden furniture

When designing a small garden , you should of course take into account that you choose garden furniture that fits well without it looking messy or overpowering. If you don't have much space, it is a logical choice to opt for small furniture. However, loose tables and chairs can create a chaotic appearance.

Consider, for example, a large lounge sofa: this ensures order and tranquility in a small garden . You can have this custom made, so that it fits perfectly in a certain place in the garden and the space is used optimally. A floating sofa and furniture where you can still see the floor underneath are also good considerations: the high legs create a spacious feeling.

Nice garden furniture for a small garden are, for example:

  • Bistro set
  • lounge set
  • garden bench
  • garden set

Decorating a small garden

Accessories for a small garden

Although you will find that you have to puzzle a bit with all the available space when designing a small garden , accessories are indispensable. We have listed a number of examples for you so that you can decorate your small garden !

Garden lighting and mood lighting

Lighting is not only practical when it is dark and you are looking for a way through the garden, it is also a very important atmosphere maker. For example, you can place garden lighting along the path in your garden or, for example, under a cover if the seating area is located there. String lights are also super popular these days, especially in a small garden !

flower pots

Every small garden has room for a beautiful flower pot. Because flower pots come in many different sizes, there is always something that fits well in your small garden . Place a large one on the floor, a small one on the table or take a hanging flower pot for vertical gardening!

Fire pit and outdoor stoves

The weather in the Netherlands is unpredictable. Sometimes you want to be able to enjoy the garden in the evening after a sunny day, but the weather can be quite cool by then. A fire pit or outdoor stove is a must-have in this case. Not only does it give you warmth, an evening in the garden with a group of friends or family is also very cozy!

Garden paintings

Finally , garden paintings also create a cozy atmosphere in a small garden . When you think of the garden, you probably think of greenery, flowers, butterflies... If a botanical garden is your thing, botanical garden paintings are a nice addition to your small garden ! Garden paintings with landscapes also fit well in the garden, to dream away and get a wonderful holiday feeling!

Decorating a small garden

Creating a small garden : are you ready?

Have you gained enough inspiration and are ready to set up your small garden ? We are convinced that you will make something beautiful out of it! If you are still looking for nice decoration in your small garden , you can discover all our collections here !