Je eigen foto op een canvasprint?

Are you looking for something originalon the wall for at home or in the work environment Then Walljar is the right place for you! With us you can get a own design have it printed onplexiglass orcanvas.

Eigen foto printen

‘’Inspiration own design at the office’’

We have the option to make personalized prints. You can choose whether this is your favorite family photo, your company logo or perhaps an inspiring quote. You can't think of it that bad, and we'll print it for you. With this print you give color to your walls again! Personalized printed canvas or plexiglass can of course also be a nice gift or promotional gift.

Your design

Do you know what kind of text you would like but not how it should be designed Or do you know what kind of design you want, but you have no idea how to work it out. Work with us on your ideal outcome. Our designers can develop your idea.n.

Plexiglass, canvas or a poster?

You can have your print printed on plexiglass or canvas with us. Plexiglass has no frame: the prints are printed directly on the back of the Plexiglass. The plate has a thickness of 3 millimeters, 5 millimeters thick on request with polished edges. The sheet material has a glossy and smooth finish. Plexiglass is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use due to the water resistance of the glass.s.

Walljar plexiglas met boorgaten

Do you prefer a less shiny look Then the trusted canvas is a perfect choice: it is durable, affordable and contains the color and texture you expect from it. Due to the full color printing, all prints on canvas are beautifully reflected. Of course, the canvas is reinforced by means of a wooden frame of 4 cm thick. The full color printing is applied with latex, which ensures an odorless print. In addition, the fabric has a B1 certificate. This means that the fabric is fire retardant. Canvas is suitable for indoors and optionally outdoors..

Walljar canvasdoek

Are you looking for a poster The prints are printed on 240 grams satin photo paper, this premium photo paper gives a matte appearance to the print. The poster hanging system is a black frame optional. The photo frame can be hung horizontally or vertically and gives the print a modern look. The photo frame is very easy to attach to the wall, so you can hang your poster on the wall in an instant.en.

Walljar poster ingelijst


The last step is to choose the ideal size that fits your wall. Below are the different dimensions for a photo on canvas or plexiglass shown.

Plexiglass Canvas
30 x 45 CM 30 x 45 CM
40 x 60 CM 40 x 60 CM
60 x 90 CM 60 x 90 CM
75 x 100 CM 75 x 100 CM
80 x 120 CM 80 x 120 CM
120 x 180 CM120 x 180 CM
150 x 225 CM



Are you interested in your own photo on a canvas or plexiglass Please Contact us! Follow us for more wall inspirationInstagram,Facebook,LinkedInorPinterest! You can read more about personalized printshere.

Gepersonaliseerde prints