Foto's op plexiglas

Plexiglass is a plastic that you see more and more these days. It is used for various purposes such as shielding plates, cabinets, display cases, porches, photos, paintings and much more! But what are the advantages of photos on Plexiglas compared to normal glass. We have listed the five advantages for you.

Advantages of our photos on plexiglass compared to glass

The many advantages of photos on Plexiglas are perhaps points that you would never expect from the material. We are happy to explain it to you! Would you rather have a canvas painting or art poster? Then take a look at our canvas or poster pages.

✓ 1. Strong: as strong as a bear

An A-quality plexiglass can sometimes be 30x as strong as normal glass! Plexiglass owes its flexibility to the plastic it is made of. This will make it less likely to break and make it easier to work with. If we have photos printed on plexiglass at Walljar, it is almost impossible to break!

This makes the photo on the glass plate also suitable for hanging outside. It can take a beating from, for example, a gust of wind or children playing football in the backyard.

✓ 2. Weight: as light as a feather

Photos on plexiglass are much lighter than glass, no less than twice as light ! This is because it is made of plastic. Glass is made by melting sand, soda and lime. This is much heavier than the plastic Plexiglas is made of. So you don't have to be a powerhouse to hang one of our plexiglass paintings.

✓ 3. Sustainability: green, green and more green

Walljar uses the plexiglass by printing a photo on the glass plate, creating a beautiful glossy effect . An important aspect of our photos on plexiglass is that it is durable : it lasts a long time and it is produced in an environmentally friendly way.

Plexiglass has an insulating effect and is moisture resistant, so that the material can last a long time, even when you hang it outside! This is because the material is strong and not weathered due to the UV protective layer. Plexiglass will also not discolour, as long as you maintain it properly.

✓ 4. Safety: safe for the little ones

Because plexiglass is so strong, it can hardly break or tear. If this does happen in one way or another, there is still very little to worry about. The plastic does not break into thousands of pieces as with normal glass. In this way it is a lot safer for children, for example, and it produces almost no mess. If it is a Plexiglas plate that you want to hang at home, this plastic is ideal because it can't just fall apart!

✓ 5. Price: an affordable product

When we look at the price of photos on plexiglass, we see that this is another advantage compared to normal glass. It's a lot cheaper! For example, a Plexiglas plate with a thickness of 3 mm, per m 2 , is 50 worth euros. For a glass plate you can easily spend 65 to 85 euros for the same dimensions! So you do not need to be in possession of a thick wallet to be able to purchase a photo on plexiglass.
Photo on plexiglass

Points of attention for photos on plexiglass

Is plexiglass the material you want to go for? Then pay attention to the following 2 points!

1. Scratch Sensitivity

What you have to take into account is that plexiglass is a plastic that scratches faster than normal glass. Don't worry, you can easily clean this so that the gloss layer is completely clean and shiny again without scratches! We are happy to explain it to you in this blog .

2. Heat resistance

Pay close attention to where you hang your Plexiglas! Plexiglass is not completely heat resistant. Therefore, do not hang your photos on Plexiglas above the hob, fireplace or other heat source.

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