7 voordelen van planten op kantoor

Are you a hard worker and do you work long hours at office? Then it's nice if the environment in which you work radiates tranquillity and is healthy. In this article you can read how to achieve this simply by placing plants at the office.

""Inspiration plants in the office""

Different studies show that having plants in the office brings many advantages. Earlier research was done by the Dutch Marlon Nieuwenhuis, Department of Psychology at the University of Cardiff, placing plants in offices led to a 15 percent increase in productivity. According to Alex Haslam, professor of psychology at the University of Queensland who was involved in this research, employees in an office filled with plants feel more like their employers actually care about their well-being. We list the seven biggest benefits of plants in the office for you.

1. Plants in the office improve concentration and memory

Research has shown that employees' ability to concentrate increases when they are in a green environment. Workers can concentrate better by the presence of plants or by taking a walk in nature. This has been discovered by researchers at the University of Michigan, in fact, nature increases concentration and memory by as much as 20 percent.

2.Plants in the office improve air quality

An office environment is not the most healthy environment we know, due to the emission of harmful dust particles from computers, printers, copiers, etc. pollutes the air in the office. The use of air conditioning or heating can also cause dry air. Plants have a pure effect, they absorb CO2 and convert it to oxygen. As a result, the harmful dust particles will be neutralized and the air will become purer. The possibility of opening windows also helps to improve the air quality, because employees will not always breathe the same air. Plants can also be a solution for you when there is noise pollution. In addition to air, plants also absorb sound waves, reducing noise and reverberation in a working environment.

3. Plants in the office increase creativity and productivity

The calming effect of plants in the office increases employee creativity. More space is freed up in your head when someone feels healthy and calm, which can lead to new innovative ideas. These ideas indirectly increase employee productivity

4. Plants in the office relieve stress

A study conducted by Washington State University has shown that the presence of plants in the office can relieve stress among employees. This study mimicked an office environment where participants had to perform various stressful exercises. The stress level of the participants was no less than 12 percent lower in the simulated work environment with plants, and these participants were also quicker in answering the questions.

5. Plants in the office reduce absenteeism

In the study by Professor of Psychology Tina Bringslimark, she and her team are investigating the correlation between absenteeism due to illness and the presence of plants. The variables age, light, temperature and work pressure were taken into account. The research showed that the presence of plants reduces absenteeism among employees.

6. Plants in the office increase the company image

Plants in the office can increase the company image, because plants provide extra atmosphere in the working environment. When potential customers are invited into your work environment, the first impression is very important. Plants create an inviting and warm feeling, and your company will also have a sustainable and environmentally friendly image. This is how you see that plants in the office are not only beneficial for employees but also for customers and stakeholders.

7. Plants in the office increase the group feeling

The presence of plants in the office will increase the group feeling within the company. Plants in the office of course increase the atmosphere, but it is also important that the plants are well cared for. Taking care of the plants can be seen as a common project among the employees. The social cohesion and communication among the employees during this project will increase the group feeling.


This shows again that the right look is very important for your employees and customers. Wall decoration also brings many advantages in a working environment. It not only has a positive effect on customers but is also beneficial for your employees because it inspires and reduces stress. Read here more about wall decoration in the office or check out our collection here.

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