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Just imagine: you are on holiday in Morocco, Italy or another warm country. Your holiday home consists of warm colors, many home accessories and plants, which immediately gives the house a warm atmosphere. Of course you don't just want this on holiday, but just at your home! You can create a bohemian living room with our wall decoration . You can read how to do that in this blog!

The bohemian living style

With a bohemian living style, many different furniture, home accessories, colors and prints are combined. It has a Mediterranean atmosphere due to the romantic details and exotic colors such as red, orange, yellow and pink that are used. It has many similarities with the Moroccan living style. Wall decoration is very important here. Stepping into a bohemian living room makes you feel like you're abroad. Your home actually becomes your own holiday home!
bohemian living room

Bohemian wall decoration

You can really go wild with the wall decoration of a bohemian living room : find all the fun colors and prints you like and hang it on the wall! In this way all cheerful prints and colors come to the fore. This way your living room immediately gets the bohemian atmosphere! Here's your inspiration:

1. Abstract wall decoration

Our abstract wall decoration collection fits perfectly in your bohemian living room . Some suitable abstract paintings are:

Nice combinations for hanging are the abstractly drawn designs, such as the Abstract Pot Shadow . The soft colors and abstract shapes go well with all the busy colors and prints that you have in your living room!

Whatever fits well in your bohemian living room will pay off! Tropical fruits brighten up the room. For example, these Lemons poster are perfect for your bohemian living room . And it immediately makes you hungry!
bohemian living room

Hang abstract landscapes! For example, the Green Sky shows the sky with its warm and special colours. And the Funky Mountains shows the mountains in different striking hues. This gives atmosphere and provides a surprising twist in your bohemian living room !

What you see with these abstract posters is that when decorating your bohemian living room , almost anything is possible and allowed. All different types of prints and colors can be combined with each other. So you can experiment!

2. Photo art

In addition to the abstract wall decoration, our photo art collection is also suitable for your bohemian living room ! The Doorway In Marrakech shows a tiled door with a beautiful pattern in Marrakech. You can see beautiful mosaics with these Mosaic Tiles . This photo art shows you the most beautiful of the Moroccan atmosphere, so it fits perfectly with your bohemian living room !
bohemian living room

3. Bundle it up!

Our bundles fit perfectly with the bohemian living room . Our bundles consist of three paintings where you can choose from the materials posters, framed posters, canvas paintings and plexiglass. The bundles consist of three paintings with a print of an abstract landscape in soft tones. That boring wall is immediately filled with a beautiful abstract landscape.

Must read : you can read everything about triptych painting in our blog!

Create the look: Moroccan Desert

Do you find it difficult to choose and put together the wall decoration for your bohemian living room ? Then create our look: Moroccan Desert . This way you don't have to think about which posters and in what size you should order these posters, but you still have those Moroccan influences in your living room! Each poster is featured in our blog.
bohemian living room

Order your wall decoration for a bohemian living room !

A bohemian living room mainly consists of a lot of furniture and home accessories with different colors and prints. Order your favorite wall decoration at Walljar now to complete your bohemian living room !