Binnenkijken in een 3-onder-1 kap met een Scandinavische minimalistische stijl - Walljar

She describes her living style as Scandinavian and minimalist, no wonder that less is more is her motto. Her interior consists of a calm color palette with earthy tones. Take a look at Bianca's home!

A corner house in North Limburg

Bianca is 31 years old and lives with her husband and two children in a corner house of a semi-detached house. The house is located in a small village in Grashoek, North Limburg. She has lived here with her family for four years.

Two living styles that go hand in hand

We asked Bianca how she would describe her living style: 'My living style is a combination of a Scandinavian and a minimalist style.' We see this style a lot in interior trends. These two styles therefore go hand in hand with each other through the corresponding basic principles of simplicity, functionality and beauty.
Look inside interior

If the basics are right, you're good

Furnishing a house can be a difficult task, we asked Bianca how she got started with the furnishing. 'First I make sure that the base matches the furniture, such as the large sofa in our living room. Then I searched for the right accessories. Here and there things change regularly, but because the basics are right, the small changes are in the accessories.'
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A color palette of earthy tones

Bianca likes colors that give cosiness and warmth. 'I like earthy tones. So they are in my color palette, especially beige and brown are two of my favorite colors to use in an interior.'
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Favorite place in the house

My favorite place in the house is the living room/kitchen/workplace, all of this is in one large space. Here we always live and here we can do everything. I personally think it's a nice place where our family comes together.'

Create a different style in no time

You can go in many directions with home decoration, but what is your favorite home decoration? 'I really like posters and frames. You can switch and change these every time. That way you can create a completely different style with other posters.'
Look inside interior (The posters from left to right: Don't Wait , Entrepreneurship , Pose Line Art )

Keep it all calm and in balance

We asked Bianca what she pays attention to when it comes to wall decoration. 'When I place several posters together, I make sure that the whole thing looks calm. I like posters with texts. These provide a nice balance with somewhat busier images.'

One last styling tip

'I always say less is more. It is better to make a statement with a large item than all small items.'

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